Best of WBGV: Hump: I Like It, I Love It, I Want Some More Of It


I love boobs. I love butts. Here are some pictures featuring both and some up the skirt action.
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Ho Ho Ho…


I would like to eat these ladies’ sugar cookies…
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Happy Thanksgiving!!



On this Thanksgiving Day it is a tradtion in the Senior household to go around say what we were thankful for over the last year. I am thankful for all our loyal readers and all the players and coaches that wear the Old Gold and Blue.

Thanks for making the last year fucking awesome. I am also thankful for this…
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Bye Bi Week

With WVU on a bye this week we figured we should feature some women who are bi. Enjoy
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Yes They Can…Make Me Stand At Attention

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UConn Beat It To This

There will be more to come later. Right now I am at work and cannot access the good stuff.
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Show Me What You Workin Wit

Here are boobies and booty.
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Thursday Morning Pussy

Some NSFW after the break…
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Girls Of Colorado

The crack research team here at WBGV searched and searched for some scantily clad ladies at Colorado but we failed miserably. Actually, we did not fail. It is the University of Colorado’s fault for not allowing hot co-eds on campus.

While none of the pictures below feature scantily clad ladies they are some of the hottest athletes Colorado has to offer.
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Enjoy the T & A.

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Hump Day: It’s F’ing Football Season!

Football season! Hooray! Tits! Hooray! I would love to see someone try to bitch about either of those two.

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Hump Day…Better Late Than Never

I would like to apologize for the late posting but Charley is working on a 27 day hangover from Fall Fest. This is a direct quote from Mr. West.

“Have you ever woken up late in the day really hung over, rolled over in bed to find at best a 4 laying next to you, and still put your wake-up wood to good use? No? BULLSHIT, you know that happened at least once during your time at WVU. If you haven’t experienced it yet, better late than never.”

So remember never let an opportunity pass you by. Hot chicks after the drop
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Do The Humpty Hump

I hate the Eagles but I love you.

Hello, friends.

It is that time, once again, to look at hot girls while you should be working. Enjoy these pics and send in your picture or theme requests for future hump days.

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“Dry” Hump Day: Ladies of Providence?

My assignment, if I choose to accept, was to surf on over to the Providence Athletic site and find some SMOKING hot ladies. I accepted the job and DAMN was it impossible. They do not breed well in Rhode Island because there were only a few female athletes that could even be considered “attractive.”

I wouldn’t dry hump these girls wearing Charley’s skinny Abercrombie jeans…
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It’s Hump Day: Marshall Edition

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