Best of WBGV: Hump: I Like It, I Love It, I Want Some More Of It


I love boobs. I love butts. Here are some pictures featuring both and some up the skirt action.
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Ho Ho Ho…


I would like to eat these ladies’ sugar cookies…
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Happy Thanksgiving!!



On this Thanksgiving Day it is a tradtion in the Senior household to go around say what we were thankful for over the last year. I am thankful for all our loyal readers and all the players and coaches that wear the Old Gold and Blue.

Thanks for making the last year fucking awesome. I am also thankful for this…
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Bye Bi Week

With WVU on a bye this week we figured we should feature some women who are bi. Enjoy
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Yes They Can…Make Me Stand At Attention

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UConn Beat It To This

There will be more to come later. Right now I am at work and cannot access the good stuff.
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Show Me What You Workin Wit

Here are boobies and booty.
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