Grandpa Fluffy Has Rabies


“Just because I make some positive remarks from time to time and try to keep this ship afloat, that doesn’t mean Bill Stewart’s a happy camper,” Stewart said. “I’m not pleased at 8-4. I’m a hell of a lot tougher than that. I’m pleased when it’s 12-0 and I still won’t like things I see.”

If you were watching the game on TV Saturday night you saw a new side of HCBS.  He was running up and down the sideline yelling, screaming, and about ready to beat the shit out of Sammy Morrone.  It took him a while but he now realizes he can’t be Smilin’ Bill all the time.

However, the new fire we saw from HCBS paled in comparison to the frustration shown by Patrick White toward OC Jeff Mullen. It says a lot when one of the most classy players in Mountaineer history shows up his offensive coordinator.

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Jeff Mullen Named Head Coach in Waiting

On the heels of Will Muschamp being named Mack Brown’s successor at Texas, West Virginia University has locked down it’s own assistant coaching star, Jeff Mullen.

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Off With Their Heads


The conversation surrounding Mountaineer football these days is more apt for a Donald Trump board room than college football talk. “You’re fired.” “You’re fired.” You’re hired.” “I’m better than you.” If HCBS had Trump’s haircut, I am sure everyone would forgive him for not winning the National Championship and Super Bowl in his first season as head coach.

While I called for Mullen’s head to roll after the Cincy game (a feeling which is not set in stone for me), I think we should be cautious as to whom we put in the guillotine next. There are a number of problems, but how do we as fans know where the blame ultimately lies?
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