See Joe Dunk!

Could Joe Alexander become the NBA version of Peyton Manning?

See Joe Dunk

UConn Build-Up

It’s Been Nice Knowing You, Joe

The draft order is set and ESPN guru Chad Ford has released his first mock draft. In it, Joe Alexander is projected to go 13th to the Portland Trail Blazers. With this news, we can 99.99% bid adieu to the WVU career of Alexander — and that’s not a bad thing.

By going in the lottery, Alexander provides a huge boost to the recruiting efforts of CBH. Sure, we’ve signed a potential top 10 draft class, but now WVU — not just Huggins — can put players in the NBA. If Alexander succeeds, suddenly young players across the country are pretending to dunk like a WVU alum. Soon enough, we have two or three top 25 players in each class.

It’s been a long time coming for a WVU player to go early in the NBA draft. Hell, when Gordon Malone is your last player drafted, you know something isn’t exactly right. Seeing Alexander in New York would be a proud moment for all WVU fans.

Sure, he has another year of eligibility, but I doubt anyone would argue with Alexander’s decision. This is something very different than Slaton or Dingle or Reynaud. Those guys seemed to leave simply to leave. While eventually we’ll get over the saltiness from those departures, there’ll be no such feeling with Alexander.

Alexander could very well be the sleeper in the 2008 NBA draft. At the beginning of the year, he was barely on NBA radar screens. Now many teams consider him a potential lottery pick.

If you’ve come from nowhere to a potential lottery pick — like he has — you jump at that opportunity.

And if (and when) he makes that jump, Charley West and all WBGV will be wishing him the best of luck.

The Pro Prospects of Joe Alexander

When there’s news involving WVU basketball, Joe Alexander, and the NBA, there’s only one person we thought to ask to evaluate the situation. Well, he was busy, so Stiles is filling in. Take it away, Stiles…

With news of Joe Alexander declaring for the NBA Draft, but not hiring an agent, let’s take a deeper look into Alexander’s game as it relates to the NBA.

First, we’ll look at Alexander’s weaknesses. Why? Because it is these areas that will get Joe back to Morgantown next year.

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And The Legend Continues To Grow…


Bubble Watch

Bubble Fun

Alright, March Madness is upon us but where will WVU be seeded in the Big East Tournament (BET) and will it get a birth in the NCAA Tournament? Both question are up in the air, but leave it to me to screw things up in explaining to you how I think the scenario will play out.

First, let’s talk about the BET at the World’s Most Famous Arena.
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Welcome Back, Jumpman

It’s been awhile since we used the Jumpman label, but over the last two games, Joe Alexander has certainly earned it. Just a monster effort.

10-16 FGs, 12-16 FTs, 32 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks, 1 win over Pitt

It really just doesn’t get much better than that.

Tonight was a huge step towards making the tournament. Right now, assuming we beat St. John’s, I believe we are on the right side of the bubble. Beat St. John’s and win one game in the tournament and we’re looking more at a 7-8 seed.