This Pretty Much Sums Up Mountaineer Fans

…including me.

ESPN Definitely Hates/Loves Us

(Just for the record, this also goes for CBS, SI, Rivals, Scout, and every other news media outlet in existence, past, present, or future.)

This has to stop. Seriously, it has to. It’s the most annoying thing that I, as a Mountaineer fan, have to endure on a daily basis. What is it that I am talking about? This:

you see college football live? herbstreit hates us. fuck him.

Or some variation. It happens once a day, whether on the message board or by the water cooler. Sometimes, people will even call me to tell me about such a display on ESPN, etc. They’ll e-mail me. They’ll send smoke signals, carrier pigeons, morse code, telegraphs, or telepathy. But somehow, someway, they manage to let me know that ESPN “totally hated on us” today.

Here’s my response: “Yeah, I saw it.” Then I try to look busy. But do you know what I’m really thinking?


About 95% of me wants to yell that in their face and kick their ass, too. But the other 5% thinks that the resulting felony conviction just isn’t worth it.

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My Brand New House

The Mountaineers were nice enough to build it tonight with all the extra bricks they had lying around. Didn’t really take all that long, either. Went up in about 40 minutes.

Full recap to come, don’t go hanging yourself quite yet.

The Unburned Couch

People, we had our Saturday night all mapped out:

  1. Tailgate
  2. Watch WVU beat Pitt
  3. Burn couches

The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry. So, in honor of those once-great plans, I give you a helpful place of mourning: The Unburned Couch. Go there, have your good cry, and then come back here ready for Oklahoma.

Step #1: Point; Step #2: Laughter

Names and faces have been disguised to protect the innocent. Lord knows it’s not the Cardinal’s anonymous bird’s fault.


Louisville Is Depressed

Earlier today, I went through the 5 stages of grief and how they applied to Pitt football. It was a mind-blowing (read: pointless) experience.

Well, this afternoon, I checked out Card Chronicle, a very good, informative, and T&A-free Louisville blog. While Pitt Blather may already be in stage 5 — remember, they’ve had years of Wannstedt to prepare for this — Louisville fans are still only in stage 4, depression. Steve Kragthorpe has come at them like a golden hurricane of awful.

It’s kind of sad, actually. In fact, I sent them a prescription of Prozac that I bought illegally from Eastern Europe as a token of my condolence. Anything to help a program that has just gone up in flames.