Things I Learned This Week


Let’s get right to this, shall we.

  • Pat White is good (at running).  But we knew that one already.
  • This is a program very much in transition.  As much as we want to bitch about playcalling, etc., we are simply trying to fit a square peg through a round hole.  Complain all you want that Jock Sanders can’t catch, but he wasn’t really recruited to catch.  He was recruited to be fast.  There’s a difference.  Now Heastie and Long — those guys were recruited to catch.

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Louisville Open Thread

Go ahead, laud Jeff Mullen one play, abhor him the next.  And the next.

It’s Moutaineer Football 2008, baby.

Kentucky Waterfall: Redux

Note: There’s a lot going on behind the scenes here at WBGV. Thus, I am completely mailing this week in, hence yet another redux post (originally seen here). Though, you have to admit, this picture is totally worth seeing again.

Here is the submission I just made for the “Kentucky Waterfall”…

kentucky waterfall
The ultimate in hair-styling excellence. Classic business in the front look transitions gracefully into a party in the back waterfall, Kentucky style. Usually accompanied by Little E t-shirt, jean shorts, conviction record, beaten wife, and no more than 9 teeth.    

Not to be confused with the Kentucky Virgin, though the two are not mutually exclusive.

Example: The front of my Kentucky Waterfall says I work at the local Sunoco, but the back says I am addicted to meth.
Source: Charley West, Charleston

[photo courtesy of Matt]

Hump Day: My My, What An Outgoing Cheerleader




I hope the Louisville game will be as easy as this former Louisville cheerleader.

NSFW at all, unless you work at my office, where this stuff is pretty standard.

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Whores and Horses: Redux

Note: This piece, which was actually written two years ago, ran before last year’s Louisville game. I liked it so much, I couldn’t help but run it again this week. Enjoy.

Louisville sucks.

Not the team (2008 ed. update: the team now also sucks), but the school and the collection of greasy, STD-riddled, sluttastic “students” that attend the school.

Saturday night, I enjoyed a trip to what would be best described as a breeding ground for any and all communicable diseases. If Herpes ever mutates and becomes airborne, Fourth Street Live would be the scene of such a medical miracle.

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Kragthorpe Is Out…


Louisville’s Steve Kragthorpe has been under fire since the first day his team stepped on the field at their pizza-is-too-doughy stadium. I don’t know why, though. With a name like Kragthorpe, I would be afraid of his death club and getting the stigma of a bigot if I criticized him too much.

During his first year, the team could not “get up” to the level set in previous years. This year, Louisville’s troubles are all political.
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It’s Louisville Week

After the longest bye week ever, WVU straps it up this Saturday to face the Fightin’ Krags.  And by Fightin’, I mean they lost to Syracuse.

Louisville has quickly become a good rival of the Mountaineers.  Our hatred of Bobby Petrino still burns bright, while thinking of Steve Kragthorpe just merely burns.  Though, in his defense, Kragthorpe gave us a helluva game last year and quite of bit of comedic material (why a grown man still keeps a diary, I will never know).

So get ready, boys and girls, because it’s Louisville week.  They might not be Alabama, but they sure as hell ain’t Syracuse (because Syracuse is better).

Don’t Be Louisville. Please, God, Don’t.

Want to know how worried other Big East programs are about WVU?  Glad you asked.

Let’s just check Louisville (via Card Chronicle) because, you know, they have some experience with this.

We’ve touched briefly on the similarities between the Louisville football program’s late 2006-2007 and the West Virginia football program’s late 2007 up to the present, but given the events in Greenville last weekend, I think it’s high time we take a look at the full checklist.

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Program in Meltdown: Louisville

Note: This is part one of a four part series. Part two (Syracuse) will run later today while parts three (Pitt) and four (Rutgers) will run tomorrow.

Wow, even I couldn’t jokingly fathom something like this. I mean, I tried, but I was still somewhat confident that Kragthorpe would get things turned around.

I see now that was obviously a mistake.

Attendance B.K. (Before Kragthorpe)

In two years, Louisville football has been set back at least five years. Now, to be sure, it wasn’t all Kragthorpe. The destruction that Bobby Petrino left in his wake is a big culprit. Down almost twenty scholarship players is not a good thing. But those 65 players that remained were and are still pretty damn talented (remember, they returned most of that Orange Bowl team). Kragthorpe has done nothing but squander that talent.

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Frankly, There Are No Words…

Louisville QB Hunter Cantwell

…except these…

If you’re scoring at home — and I know that you are — that’s Louisville QB Hunter Cantwell = 1 … bullfrogs, basic human dignity, and man’s continued evolution from primates = 0.


Open Thread — Louisville Edition

We’re going to be nice and provide you a place for all your Louisville comments, rants, bitchings, etc. We won’t be live-blogging this one, but at least you can spend the game with other By Godders — hooray!

Also, just for shits and giggles (and erections), we once again present to you former Louisville cheerleader Becca Manns (NSFW). Enjoy. Sinner.

Sad Story of Peanut Whitehead

Sad news out of Louisville yesterday as it was revealed that Deantwan “Peanut” Whitehead’s football career is over due to a condition called spinal stenosis. Whitehead was injured early in the game at Mountaineer Field last week. Tragically, this is the second Louisville player to have his career ended this year, as OL Mike Donoghue was diagnosed with the same condition last month.

Peanut Whitehead was arguably the biggest recruit in Louisville history. It’s tough seeing the career of such a huge, strong guy taken down in such a cruel way. My best to Peanut Whitehead, Mike Donoghue, and their respective families.

For more reaction, check out Card Chronicle.

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Louisville Is Classy, Part Zero

Apparently, Louisville’s Preston Smith spit on Pat White. Having trouble believing a Louisville player could be guilty of such an atrocious act? If so, check the video:

Not a whole lot of doubt there, eh? If I were an opposing player, I would stay the hell away from Pat White before and after a play. The last thing you want to do is make this guy mad. Hell, he didn’t know where he was for half the game and he’s still carving up the once and never 2nd best team in the Big EAST.

So, Preston Smith, I say bully to you. Thank you for finding a new way to motivate the conference’s most electrifying player. All of West BY GOD Virginia salutes you.

[Thanks to Card Chronicle for the story/video]

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Louisville Game Recap

Forgive me father, for I am about to sin…

Well, that certainly was a steaming pile of dog shit, wasn’t it? Surely, none of us have witnessed a more poorly conceived effort than the one that CRR put together Thursday night. It’s like he popped a couple Xanax and lost all ability for creative thought (and consciousness). Seriously, what was that?

  1. What was with the 71 consecutive Pat White runs straight up the middle? (I haven’t rewatched the game, so I don’t know the exact number). It’s like CRR’s play-calling shrinks significantly when we’re facing a test. At some point, you can tell he’s actively trying not to lose, rather than to win. To me, this is embarrassing. The last thing a top 10 program does is play not to lose, at home, to a 17 point underdog. You just don’t do it. You step on their throat from the word go and blow them out of the damn stadium. When we took the 17 point lead, that’s what should have happened. Instead, we played grab-ass for the next 15 minutes. What a fucking joke.
  2. Where is Steve Slaton? Outside of the Sugar Bowl, has there ever been a worse big-game player in a Mountaineer uniform? Last year, he put the ball on the turf over-and-over against Louisville and then delivered a whopping 43 yards against South Florida. This year, he has averaged 62.3 yards in our three biggest games (South Florida, Rutgers, and Louisville). It’s obvious that Rodriguez doesn’t trust him in important situations, which is saying a lot when you’re talking about a former Heisman trophy candidate.
  3. Don’t let Owen Schmitt punt. Just don’t. If you’re going to go for it on 4th down, go for it. If not, trot McAfee out there and let him punt. He is the fucking punter for God’s sake. I can’t get mad at Owen Schmitt as it’s his job to be a fullback, not a punter. This one, as always, falls on CRR. And while I’m at it, we were lucky to get 9 yards on that punt. It traveled 3 at the most.
  4. Noel Devine must play more. There’s just no way around this. Everytime he touches the ball, the entire stadium holds its breath. Not because he might fumble, as is the case with Slaton, but because he might break a run or somebody’s ankles. He’s a game-changer, both with score and momentum. That kick-return was just another example of this. If Slaton is busy throwing up on himself in big games, give the kid a chance. He’s only the most heralded recruit in Mountaineer history.

So that’s about it. If you saw me after the game, you almost undoubtedly told me a “win is a win.” I then undoubtedly wanted to punch you in the face. I came pretty close a couple times, too. If you want to be one of the best of the best, a win is never a win. Style points always count. Walk into the stadium, no matter who the opponent, and fuck them up. Easy as that.

Now, we need to get that memo to CRR.

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Close Call

Wow, I think I’m finally sober. That game was a lot closer than it should’ve been. I got so mad I walked out of Mountaineer Field with no shoes on. Be prepared!

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