Things I Learned This Week


Let’s get right to this, shall we.

  • Pat White is good (at running).  But we knew that one already.
  • This is a program very much in transition.  As much as we want to bitch about playcalling, etc., we are simply trying to fit a square peg through a round hole.  Complain all you want that Jock Sanders can’t catch, but he wasn’t really recruited to catch.  He was recruited to be fast.  There’s a difference.  Now Heastie and Long — those guys were recruited to catch.

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Louisville Open Thread

Go ahead, laud Jeff Mullen one play, abhor him the next.  And the next.

It’s Moutaineer Football 2008, baby.

Kentucky Waterfall: Redux

Note: There’s a lot going on behind the scenes here at WBGV. Thus, I am completely mailing this week in, hence yet another redux post (originally seen here). Though, you have to admit, this picture is totally worth seeing again.

Here is the submission I just made for the “Kentucky Waterfall”…

kentucky waterfall
The ultimate in hair-styling excellence. Classic business in the front look transitions gracefully into a party in the back waterfall, Kentucky style. Usually accompanied by Little E t-shirt, jean shorts, conviction record, beaten wife, and no more than 9 teeth.    

Not to be confused with the Kentucky Virgin, though the two are not mutually exclusive.

Example: The front of my Kentucky Waterfall says I work at the local Sunoco, but the back says I am addicted to meth.
Source: Charley West, Charleston

[photo courtesy of Matt]

Hump Day: My My, What An Outgoing Cheerleader




I hope the Louisville game will be as easy as this former Louisville cheerleader.

NSFW at all, unless you work at my office, where this stuff is pretty standard.

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Whores and Horses: Redux

Note: This piece, which was actually written two years ago, ran before last year’s Louisville game. I liked it so much, I couldn’t help but run it again this week. Enjoy.

Louisville sucks.

Not the team (2008 ed. update: the team now also sucks), but the school and the collection of greasy, STD-riddled, sluttastic “students” that attend the school.

Saturday night, I enjoyed a trip to what would be best described as a breeding ground for any and all communicable diseases. If Herpes ever mutates and becomes airborne, Fourth Street Live would be the scene of such a medical miracle.

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Kragthorpe Is Out…


Louisville’s Steve Kragthorpe has been under fire since the first day his team stepped on the field at their pizza-is-too-doughy stadium. I don’t know why, though. With a name like Kragthorpe, I would be afraid of his death club and getting the stigma of a bigot if I criticized him too much.

During his first year, the team could not “get up” to the level set in previous years. This year, Louisville’s troubles are all political.
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It’s Louisville Week

After the longest bye week ever, WVU straps it up this Saturday to face the Fightin’ Krags.  And by Fightin’, I mean they lost to Syracuse.

Louisville has quickly become a good rival of the Mountaineers.  Our hatred of Bobby Petrino still burns bright, while thinking of Steve Kragthorpe just merely burns.  Though, in his defense, Kragthorpe gave us a helluva game last year and quite of bit of comedic material (why a grown man still keeps a diary, I will never know).

So get ready, boys and girls, because it’s Louisville week.  They might not be Alabama, but they sure as hell ain’t Syracuse (because Syracuse is better).