LSU Is Coming To Town

I cannot pronounce his name but he does find some good’ole fashion scoops. In today’s Daily Mail Jack Bogaczyk announces that WVU and LSU will play a home-and-home series for the 2010 and 2011 seasons. It is only a tentative announcement but if it comes to fruition, I can guarantee I will be at Tiger Stadium when the Mountaineers take the field.

Adding LSU is a fairly significant development and only increases the difficulty of WVU’s future schedules.  This addition gives WVU non-conference match-ups against Michigan State, Maryland, and LSU during the 2010 and 2011 seasons.  Also, there is still an open slot for the 2011 season to add a cupcake.

I love this match-up and hope we continue to add marquee games to our schedule.  GEAUX MOUNTAINEERS!!

Congratulations Ohio State!

Ohio State, playing in it’s second-consecutive national championship, took a commanding 10-0 lead early in the 2008 BCS National Championship Game.

Just 1:26 into the game, Chris “Beanie” Wells pierced the massive LSU defensive line and raced down the sideline for a 65 yard TD run. On the Bayou Bengals’ first drive, the Buckeyes forced a three-and-out from Matt Flynn and the Tiger offense. Ohio State struck quickly again, going up top with a Todd Boeckman 44 yard completion to Brandon Saine. The Buckeyes would rely on South African kicker Ryan Pretorious to take that aforementioned 10-0 lead.

It was all downhill from there for the LSU Tigers…



…at least until the ensuing kickoff, where they proceeded to score 24 31 unanswered points and absolutely embarrass the Big 10 Champions by a score of 38-24.

Les Miles Is Bat-Shit Crazy

Did you know that LSU is undefeated? I didn’t. But that’s exactly what Les Miles would have you believe. In fact, Les is willing to accept only one loss, rather than his actual two. Either way, LSU has less losses.

What am I talking about? Just read what Les said during his pre-SEC Championship press conference:

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Wooo, Pig Sooey!

Today, we are all Arkansas fans. Or as Les Miles calls it, ar-Kansas. He’s a bright one.

Either way, an Arkansas win basically allows us to control our own destiny. While it wouldn’t be the sexiest national championship game (WVU vs. Missouri/Kansas/Ohio State), I think we’d all take it in a heartbeat. So, again, if you’re fluent in voodoo or other black magic, and I know you are, focus your attention against LSU.

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Geaux Tigers!

The SEC is the greatest conference in the world. It’s better than the Big EAST, better than the Pac-10, better than the NFC South, better than the United Nations Conference On Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons In All It’s Aspects. Yeah, I know, how sweet is that? When the SEC plays in conference, the games are so fucking great they produce pure African diamonds. Not that Blood Diamond shit. The kind of diamonds you don’t feel guilty about buying for your wife or mistress or sister or mistress/sister. Does your conference’s games produce precious stones? Didn’t think so.

This year, LSU is proving just how great the SEC can be. Winning close games — week in and week out — just goes to show the superiority of this conference. Beating Alabama — on the road — is an amazing feat. What a great 4th quarter comeback. You think a team like UL-Monroe could come in to Tuscaloosa and come out with a victory? I didn’t think so. Only a team as great as LSU can get through this conference schedule.

Just look at our one loss if you want more proof: Kentucky. What a fantastic team. Kentucky makes football look effortless, like they haven’t even been trying for the past 100 years. That’s not easy. Kentucky did it with style. They did it so well, it’s like they’ve already gone back to not trying again. Just flawless.

Whatever you haters say, we know that the SEC is the greatest. No other team could approach how great this conference is. Not West Virginia, not South Florida, not anybody. It will be years until another teams beats an SEC team. I can’t wait to see whoever we play in the National Championship game. They probably spell their cheers without an “X”. As far as I’m concerned, if you ain’t cajun, you ain’t shit. Same for the SEC.

Fear The Hat!

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Picture > 1,000 Words

[thanks to John, via The Wizard of Odds, for the tip]

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LSU Fans Are Classy

For the first 10 seconds of this video, we see an older, mild-mannered LSU fan watching his Tigers play Tulane in the Superdome. Then, at the 11 second mark, everything goes to hell.

Seriously dude, what are you thinking? First off, it’s Tulane. Tulane! You feel the need to drop an air “fuck you” to the Tulane Green Wave? While you’re at it, why don’t you go ahead and club a seal or talk shit on one of Mike Gundy’s players.

I always knew LSU fans were a classy bunch. My guess is this is the guy that was calling Tim Tebow’s cell-phone every 10 seconds. Tebow doesn’t like you like that! Pervert.

[Courtesy of Big Ten Tailgate]
Ballhype – LSU Fans Are Classy
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LSU Can’t Catch A Break

Remember the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination? Well, this is the college football equivalent.

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