Marshall’s Season in Pictures

Actually, just one picture.

Unintentional Comedy Hour

Funny Man

All one really needs to do for a quick chuckle is simply look at Marshall beat writer Doug Smock’s picture. That picture is hung on the ceiling over my bed so the girls I trick into sleeping with me know that they could’ve done worse. However, after I give them my O face they realize Mr. Smock would’ve been the better choice.

Ol’Dougies looks can be mocked but I’m a nice guy so I will not do that anymore. Instead let’s take a look at his Monday column in the Charleston Gazette.

So let’s take a stab at an issue today – Marshall’s 2008 football schedule. Is it, as some would assert, too tough to handle?

Alright, after this he has write that Moo U actually has a chance to beat WVU, Wisconsin, and Cincinnati to give the alumni some glimmer of hope for the upcoming season.

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Because We Can (…And It’s The Truth)

Marshall Hoping For New Commitment

HUNTINGTON — Marshall head coach Mark Snyder has already announced his recruiting class for 2008, but that doesn’t mean there are not any surprises left. Snyder, just 12-23 through three tumultuous seasons at Marshall, feels there is one marquee recruit left on the Herd’s radar.

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Deja Vu

It was a third straight ugly win for WVU, and the game played out like nearly every Marshall game does.

WVU takes an early lead, and seems to be coasting to an easy win.  Marshall hits a few threes, and the crowd comes alive.  The game comes down to the last minute, and as the Little Train, Lionel Armstead, did in the past, Da’Sean Butler hits a game winning shot.

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Marshall Girls Are Ugly

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The Morning Shotgun/Throwdown (1/23/08)


Welcome By-Godders to the Wednesday edition of the Morning Shotgun/Throwdown. It is WVU v. Marshall day and had I not fallen asleep at 9 last night I would have something highly entertaining and somewhat funny for our loyal readers.

But no just the normal stuff but expect some Marshall trashing throughout the day.
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