Once a Mountaineer…

I may not be Billy Mays, but I know a good product when I see it.

Available in 100% luxurious cotton, sizes S-XXL. Also, if I see you wearing this shirt, I will give you a big-time flying high-five.

Lubricate Me!

We originally started this site to make fun of other schools, teams, coaches, players and fans.  And we had a blast doing it.

Unfortunately, now, we now find it’s our own coach that is the easiest of easy targets.  And so we must, with our heads held-high and our integrity somewhere else, make fun of him.  It’s our destiny.

In that vein, I give you…

Shirts are available for the low, low price of $14.99. Just click on the t-shirt, give your credit card number, have your identity stolen, and enjoy your purchase.

Shit You Might Actually Want To Wear

We’re actually quite proud of ourselves. We took down our last t-shirt store for two reason: 1) the actual shirts were made of shitty material; and 2) what we decided to write on them sucked. This time, however, we may have actually come up with a shirt you might want to buy/wear. Plus, it’s made much better, meaning you’ll get to wear it more than once.

We’re so excited about this, we’re not even charging a commission. Seriously, we’re not making a dime on this. We just want to see one person (that we don’t know) wearing this shirt at Mountaineer Field next fall. If that happens, we can die happy bloggers with no jobs and no money. Oh wait, I have a job. I should probably start going to that again.

So, please, buy this shirt and wear it proudly!

We Have Merchandise

Well, it took me long enough, but finally, WBGV has officially opened its own storefront. Right now, we only feature one fantastically awesome design, but plan to offer much, much more (depending on my creativity).

The inaugural offering is a simple message that every WVU fan can get behind…


NOTE: Due to resizing, the pictures are a tad blurry. Trust me, the finished product is not blurry at all. If you click on the image, you can see the actual, full-size design.

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