Marco Fell In The Mud

West Virginia Junior College felt it was time to beef up its mascot, Marco. In doing so the school paid over $9,000 for two new uniforms. To put it bluntly, they should get their money back, it looks like someone dropped the damn head in the mud.

Also, look at those fucking 1990’s windbreaker pants. What did they do, go Goodwill and let a blind guy pick them out? Good lord, can this school do anything right?

First, they break some poor kids leg and now they are breaking the spirits of a fanbase that eats to make themselves feel better (Huntington is not a healthy place). I can’t wait to see the other cheap ass outfit. I actually feel sorry for them, and I doubt Randy Moss would be happy.

Bring Your Green Helmets We’re Going Streaking

Boredom makes you do strange things. No, downloading porno is completely normal. I’m talking about watching a few minutes of Marshall v. Houston last night on ESPN2.

Before I vomitted in my mouth a little from ugly ass football I noticed something that made me throw my fucking shoe. Marshall had on green fucking helmets. Why is that a big deal? Because its normal helmet color is WHITE.

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Someone Get This Man A Tissue

I kid you not, this was actually posted on the Marshall Rivals board.  Seriously, a man, presumably sobbing gently and standing on a ledge somewhere in Huntington, took the time to type this diatribe.  WVU’s success has affected him so much that he is losing the will to live.  That’s taking Marshall’s jealousy to a whole new level.

So, without further ado, I give you the saddest thing ever…

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We Are…..Irrelevant!!

Sure, WVU has lost a few games recently but is there any real chance we get beat by Marshall? There is no chance in hell that happens. The coaching staff will gel with the players and call a game that will be a thing of beauty. Do I have any facts, stats, or proof?  Nope, just a belief that we can only go up from this point forward.  Final score, WVU 38 – West Virginia Junior College 10.

At least this year we won’t complain about Marshall pulling down our strength of schedule. Thanks again Joe for another easy W.

Marshall’s Season in Pictures

Actually, just one picture.

Unintentional Comedy Hour

Funny Man

All one really needs to do for a quick chuckle is simply look at Marshall beat writer Doug Smock’s picture. That picture is hung on the ceiling over my bed so the girls I trick into sleeping with me know that they could’ve done worse. However, after I give them my O face they realize Mr. Smock would’ve been the better choice.

Ol’Dougies looks can be mocked but I’m a nice guy so I will not do that anymore. Instead let’s take a look at his Monday column in the Charleston Gazette.

So let’s take a stab at an issue today – Marshall’s 2008 football schedule. Is it, as some would assert, too tough to handle?

Alright, after this he has write that Moo U actually has a chance to beat WVU, Wisconsin, and Cincinnati to give the alumni some glimmer of hope for the upcoming season.

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Because We Can (…And It’s The Truth)