Rick Trickett Would Like You To Go Fuck Yourself

If you watched the Florida State-Clemson game last night, you were treated to a 3 hour Rick Trickett/Jimbo Fisher infomercial by ESPN. Unfortunately, Florida State’s offense/defense didn’t cooperate, losing 24-18.

What you also got to see was Rick Trickett absolutely berating sophomore OL Daron Rose. As plain as day, you saw Trickett drop 3 F-bombs, including the self-esteem building “fuck you” as an exclamation point.

Trickett’s line was absolutely dominated by Clemson’s front 4 all night. Seminole QB Charlie Weatherford sure noticed, as he was flat on his face for a lot of the night. This quote from ESPN pretty much sums things up:

Florida State stumbled through a miserable first half where it managed only one first down and 62 yards. Weatherford was under constant pressure and looked lost when he wasn’t.

While only one game, I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that Coach Rich Rodriguez was the cause of our great offensive lines over the years, not Rick Trickett. I’m sure Trickett played a role, but he wasn’t the end-all be-all of our running attack. That looks more and more like CRR.

This Just In: Rick Trickett Is A Prick

If you didn’t know it already, Rick Trickett is a prick. He is a very good offensive line coach, but he is also a raging asshole. If all the assholes were to elect a leader of their people, he would be President Trickett of the Assholes.

Stories like this, then, come as no surprise:

Hardrick, though, is a Seminole no longer. Coach Bobby Bowden announced on Tuesday after FSU’s first fall practice here that the former Edgewater star, who started for the Eagles from 2001-04, has been dismissed from the program for violation of team rules.

FSU coaches and officials wouldn’t comment further about how Hardrick — once one of the most promising high school prospects in Central Florida — found his way off the team. He, however, still was enrolled in the university as of Tuesday afternoon, according to Mark Meleney, the director of athletic academic support.

Mia Robinson, Hardrick’s mother, said Tuesday that her son and new offensive line coach Rick Trickett had a poor relationship, which Robinson said propelled the dismissal.

“It wasn’t a surprise,” Robinson said of learning her son’s fate at FSU. “Basically they [Trickett and Hardrick] were bumping heads, and I just found out not too long ago how in-depth it was, how he was handling my son.

“They started off on the wrong foot, and it never seemed like they got back.”

There is no denying the success we had with Rick Trickett as the offensive line coach. That said, Rich Rodriguez is still the head coach…and for my money, the foremost authority on the spread offense and zone-blocking. Losing an assistant coach is just NOT that big of a deal. Publications like CFN that rank us 24th because we lost our OL coach are stoopid. Hell, Louisville lost their head coach and entire staff and they’re ranked 8th. Ridiculous.

I don’t want to call Rick Trickett overrated, but Rick Trickett is overrated.

UPDATE: Just for fun, NSFW Jenn Sterger with less clothes.