Save Dave: Contract Extension?

Dave Wannstedt is actually talking about a contract extension:

“I’m going to be here, I have had very good conversations with the chancellor,” an upbeat Wannstedt said yesterday.

“We’ve spoken about the direction of the program and what we are trying to accomplish, and he’s been very supportive. We are doing things the right way, but ultimately, we have to start winning some games, and nobody understands that better than I do. I know if we can get a few more good recruiting classes here, we’ll get to where we need to be.”

(Always about the future, never about the present…but I digress.)

Not only that, Panther beat writers are actually talking about an extension. And not only are they talking about it, they think it’s a good idea. Here is what the Post-Gazette’s Ron Cook had to say:

This is going to sound insane, but this is the time Nordenberg should be thinking about an extension for Wannstedt. Not a five- or 10-year deal, but one year. If Nordenberg believes Wannstedt still is his man, he has to do it. That would carry more weight than a vote of confidence. That wouldn’t just help Pitt’s recruiting. It would let Pittsburgh know the Pitt administration is prepared to ride out the storm with Wannstedt.

Yes, it does sound insane. Very, very insane. Bill Callahan received a 3 year contract extension earlier this year and he’s most likely getting fired by the end of the season. And Callahan went to the Big 12 Championship game last season. Wannstedt, on the other hand, has not had a winning season and his 2007-model Panthers are in shambles.

Wait, forget I said any of that. Let’s please talk contract extension. No seriously. This is the best thing ever. If the “Save Dave” campaign is going to succeed, we’re going to have to depend on stupidly decisive leadership and eight balls of coke to keep Wannstedt as coach. Apparently, Pitt has both.

Hell, maybe if he loses more games, they’ll give him more than a one year extension. I have no idea what would happen if they were placed on probation. Lifetime contract? Name the field after him? Reward him with 70 virgins in the heavens?

Either way, if news breaks about a contract extension, the Jager bombs are on me.

[courtesy of Pitt Blather]

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Closeout Wannstedt Merchandise

Surely, after last night, Dave Wannstedt has NO chance of being retained as head coach at Pitt.

That’s bad news for us on two different fronts. One, it means Pitt might eventually hire a real coach capable of complex thought and problem-solving. And two, we have a lot of unsold — and now worthless — “Save Dave” merchandise.

Here is a sampling from our Yonkers, NY, warehouse:

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Pitt v. Navy Live!

To Save Dave, we need this lousy Pitt football team to pull out a victory tonight over Navy. I know it isn’t looking good but don’t give up hope we will succeed in our mission to keep Dave at Pitt and guarantee WVU at least one victory a year.

7:52 Curtis Martin is at the game HOORAY but the sad thing is that he might be the fastest player on the Pitt sideline tonight. Also, there may be more people at my house than at this game. Pitt football is in a sad state of affairs.

7:56 Seeing Roger Staubach on the sidelines gives me the perfect opportunity to say — How ‘Bout them Cowboys! They are 5 – 0 and ready for the shoot-out this Sunday against the Pats.

8:00 It’s that time EAT SHIT PITT, EAT SHIT PITT…oh wait SAVE DAVE, SAVE DAVE…

8:01 Severe Weather Advisory for Heinz Field! 100% chance of spit and slobber coming from the Press Box. “Thith ith going to be a interething.”

8:06 I want to say, “Thank You” to the Navy Midshipmen. They give their all on the field and put their lives on the line, once they graduate, for our freedom. THANKS

8:10 Pat Bostick gives this team the best chance to win. Too bad it took a couple injuries for Wanstache to realize this. GREAT JOB busted play already…this could be a hard game to watch.

8:15 First punt of the night and now we get to see Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada. WOW big play this may be the end of Save Dave. If they trail at half Wanstedt may not be the coach for the second half.

8:18 Pitt just needs to run faster! TOUCHDOWN Navy

8:23 By the end of the game McCoy/Dorsett may be a Heisman frontrunner in the eyes of Holtz. Great 13 yard pass on a 3rd and 14. Good call on 4th and 1.

8:28 I think Slaton and White are the only two players in the Big East that have a chance at even getting invited to the Heisman ceremony. Edit the commercial with some highlights or something.

8:30 In the Heinz Red Zone and Pitt has scored a huge TD. Lou just thought the game was over…it is way past his bedtime.

8:35 Come on and give me a Sonic commercial. I love those two goof-balls. Primanti Bros. is WAY overrated.

8:40 I was hoping Lou’s dentures were going to fall out. Now that would’ve been good TV.

8:41 Rece Davis is going to use Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada full name all night just to show off.

8:46 Going for it here is a decision Dave would make. If he does get fired I hope Pitt hires Paul Johnson.

8:52 The spot of the ball is the toughest play to review. If this call gets overturned the fix is in and the Save Dave campaign has caught on.

8:54 If Pitt plays this well against us we will score 84 points. 14 – 7 Navy and Dave just called for a re-fluff of his mustache.

9:00 Bostick just looked like a freshman girl, who was dressed like a whore, running to Chaser’s on a cold winter night in Morgantown.

9:04 Holtz should be fined $10,000 every time he brings up Notre Dame. It just gets annoying you pruney old man.

9:10 Mark May doesn’t piss me off as much as he once did but he went to Pitt so I still don’t like him. This Pitt D is full of holes and just not very good.

9:13 I thought Besong was going to Barrett Green that guy.

9:16 There was a Wolverine about to attack the Midshipmen in Assembly Hall. 21 – 14

9:21 If were a cornerback and anyone had hair hanging over their name I would pull it as much as possible. Is Curtis Martin HIGH he just said that Pittsburgh was crazy about the Panthers. They must’ve been committed because they aren’t at the damn game.

9:27 WHAT Lou is about to BITE Mark May or should I say GUM Mark May. Touchdown Pitt…I should’ve taken the over.

9:30 I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I agree with Lou. All college stadiums should be on campus to make it easy on the students. Then again if it is off-campus they can serve beer. Ehh, I can always sneak a flask in so on campus is better.

9:32 Charley West will take over for me at the start of Halftime. I have to spend quality time with my lady friend. It will take about a minute and thirty seconds, so I should be back later.

9:36 Paul Johnson just said a curse word. I bet those guys have never been yelled at before. God Speed Dave


Charley West at the helm. This live blog is either going to get much better or much drunker. Bet on both. Bitches.

Let’s get this fucking show on the road.


9:54 — If two teams score 42 points in a half and no one is there to see it, does it actually happen? If you came up with an answer for that, you’re probably high on peyote.

9:58 — Nothing like fireworks and a giant American flag to get 12,467 fans off their butts and cheering.

10:00 — Is Lou Holtz a hobbit? Anyone?

10:03 — What’s the over/under on WVU’s team score this year against Pitt? 100? 10,000? 123 x 10^7? Infinity?

10:07 — Do you think Reece Davis, working with both Lou Holtz and Mark May, cuts himself at night just to feel alive?

10:17 — This isn’t a bad game, but I’m hating every second of it.

10:21 — Navy runs the same play on every single play and I’m already more impressed with their gameplan than most Mountaineer games.

10:24 — How much do you think WBGV could get for an exclusive story revealing that tonight’s referee is actually an evil robot? Maybe he’s not even evil, just evil. Though, in my experience, all robots I’ve ever met have had murderous tendencies.

10:28 — Coming soon, the newest hit from the creators of Frasier, “Lou Eating A Sandwich.”

10:33 — FG Pitt. 20,000 fans rejoice…..45,000 fans not in attendance don’t give a shit.

10:39 — Pitt’s defense is doing it’s best impression of air.

10:44 — Quick puzzle: Pitt is AWF_L.

10:56 — I really have to piss, but I’m supposed to keep blogging. If I keep blogging and I don’t go piss, maybe I’ll die. Ahhh, sweet release from this game.

11:08 — Kind of a big play coming up. I’m guessing they call the barking dog play – except in football.

11:17 — Ballsy, ballsy call. Surely this is not the Dave Wannstedt we know and love. It must be….an IMPOSTER!

11:21 — Why go for it the first time and not the second? Glad to have the same lovable Dave Wannstedt back in my life.

11:40 — As much as I hate Pitt, this is a great game. No defense. All offense.

11:48 — If my memory serves me, the Navy has fighter bombers. Surely this is enough to overcome annoying Panther growls.

11:52 — Pitt’s going to win this game….

11:55 — Nevermind.

12:00 — I’m not going to lie, the “Save Dave” campaign is in trouble. Not all the tea in China could save this clown. Seriously, if you put a grapefruit on the sideline and strapped a headset to him, even he wouldn’t have called a fade pass to end the game. And in a pinch, the grapefruit is delicious and refreshing. What does Wannstedt have to offer? A mustache? Whatever.

12:04 — “Save Dave” merchandise will be on closeout starting tomorrow.

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Save Dave, Save The World

Today is a big day in the history of the “Save Dave” campaign. As you know, Save Dave is based upon one single ideal: employing Dave Wannstedt as head coach of Pitt for all of eternity (we believe Wannstedt to be an angel from Mountaineer heaven, hence the eternity part).

Tonight, The Mustache Formerly Known As Wannstedt and his Pitt Panthers take on Navy at 8 PM on national TV. We’re not sure why Pitt is on national TV, but if we’ve done something wrong, this certainly seems the harshest of penalties.

Either way, believe it or not, this is a game we need Pitt to win. Why, you ask? Well, if we are to be graced by Wannstedt’s presence for much longer, he has to actually win some out of conference games. Since this is an out of conference game that in no way affects WVU, why not start here.

Since I can’t in right mind just ask you to support Pitt football — and you know I wouldn’t — I am instead going to bribe you. If you silently cheer for Pitt tonight and at the same time assure the continued success of Mountaineer football, I will personally send you a commemorative “Save Dave” coffee mug, which retails for $5.99 in major department stores across the nation.

And if that’s not enough, I’ll throw in a t-shirt at no additional value. This t-shirt is great for telling the world just how much faith you have in the Wannstedt-era.

So, go my children. Cheer for Pitt, as it is the key to future Mountaineer glory.

UPDATE: If you order in the next ten minutes, you’ll also receive a limited edition “Save Dave” bumper sticker.

NOTE: Look forward to a live blog of the monumental Navy @ Pitt matchup tonight at 8. 5th Year Senior and your main man Charley West will be on the ones and twos.

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Save Dave, Day #2

It was a rough night for me. Tossing and turning, knowing that when I woke up, Dave Wannstedt may no longer be the head coach of the University of Pittsburgh.

But when I did rise, I was greeted with good news. Dave lives! Yes, ladies and gentleman, Dave Wannstedt is still employed. Due solely to our efforts — the “Save Dave” campaign — Wannstedt remains coach at Pitt.

I was concerned since they had called a press conference yesterday, but that turned out to only be Dave’s regularly scheduled gibberish dissemination. Whew, they had me scared for a second there.

But remember guys, despite the good news, the fight is not over. We must continue to fight. Please, continue to joke about sending contributions. It’s the only way we can fake build our war chest for this long battle. And it will be a long battle, considering Pitt athletic brass will often feel tempted to fire Dave because of his gross incompetence.

Save Dave

It all started in 2002 B.U. (Before Urban), when a plucky group of Florida fans had the simple dream to get a coach fired. In the years afterward, Fire Ron Zook exploded, becoming the head of an angry mob of Gator fans. While the website might not be singularly responsible, that doesn’t change the fact that Ron Zook was, indeed, fired.

Unfortunately, now, the proliferation of these websites has hit massive proportions. Lose one game and you’re on the hot seat. Lose two games and you have your very own pro-unemployment website. Alabama fans are already (tongue-in cheek?) calling for Coach Nick Saban’s dismissal. Hell, for the low-low price of $250, you can be the proud owner of your own Fire Rich Rodriguez domain.

Well, here at WBGV, we just don’t think this is right. Hell, a lot of these coaches that fans want fired have helped WVU to a ton of victories over the years. We have a vested interest in these coaches collecting a paycheck, regardless of their success or learning disabilities.

That is why we are starting our own grassroots campaign, entitled “Save Dave.” Save Dave is a campaign with one mission and one mission alone: keeping Dave Wannstedt in his job as head coach of the University of Pittsburgh.

As head coach of Pitt, Wannstedt has single-handedly taken the Panthers from inherited BCS talent to top 5 recruiting classes to losing to Ohio and UConn. He has also lost to WVU every year he has been at Pitt. Because of this, Dave Wannstedt is my best friend. And everybody wants to see their best friend in a high-paying job. And there are few jobs more high-paying than head coach of a BCS football program.

You, like me, want to see Dave Wannstedt as head coach. Don’t blindly go along with the masses and accept his eventual firing. Fight the man! Keep this bumbling idiot as head coach. We at WBGV are willing to pay his salary if need be…anything to keep this mustachioed, brain-dead, shell of a man as head coach of the Pitt Panthers.

Will you join us?

Will you help “Save Dave”…?