Shake Dat Laffy Taaffe, Dat Laffy Taaffe

Well, it’s official: HCBS has taken his first big-boy steps at West Virginia. And what steps they were.

Scoring Doc Holliday, Steve Dunlap, and David Lockwood — anything but Nehlen retreads — was a major coup for this fledgling coach. They add instant credibility both in recruiting and scheming. As we all know, Holliday is the jewel of this class and gives WVU arguably the best recruiter of Florida. Stewart’s 2009 class, simply because of Holliday’s presence, should be much improved. Hell, we might see a resurgence this year.

But the real question mark, at least in the eyes of the fans, is Charlie Taaffe, the new offensive coordinator. He immediately assumes the title of “Most Misspelled Name” at WVU, a title formerly held by John Beilein and Owen Schmitt.

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