Brian Jones Is A Special Human Being

In case you’re wondering, Brian Jones is a commentator/analyst/future unemployed member of CSTV. He went on record stating that West Virginia would get “blasted” in the Fiesta Bowl. That doesn’t make him all that memorable since most commentators/analysts said the same thing.

What does make him memorable is his response to a WVU fan’s e-mail earlier this morning. Enjoy.

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Who’s The Kid Here?

I love it when coaches call out the media for doing a terrible job of reporting. Columnists and talking heads on TV get things wrong week after week but are let off the hook and continue to make TERRIBLE predictions without people calling for their jobs on a daily basis.

I would love to have seen the reaction on this guy’s woman’s face when Mike Gundy was ripping him her a new asshole vagina. He She may have even pissed himself driven badly, as women tend to do.

My list of the worst columnists and TV talking heads

  1. Skip Bayless
  2. Chuck Landon
  3. Lou Holtz (ULTIMATE HOMER)
  4. Jay Mariotti