Best Of WBGV: Fraud Offers WVU $1.5 Million And A Box Of Envelopes


According to ESPN, Rodriguez has offered to pay WVU $1.5 million for breaching a contract that calls for $4 million in liquidated damages. I think I’m a high enough ranking official within WVU’s Athletic Department to say, “HAHAHAHA How ’bout you just pay $4 million bitch.”

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I’m Not A Hater. I’m Just Keeping It Real!

I just want to warn all those that are hating on keeping it real about HCBS what could happen.

Someone Dropped Their Pacifier


OK, so let’s say you’re a hypothetical college football coach at a very high-profile, prestigious program. You were lured away from your alma mater just last year, paying millions of dollars in buyout money. On your way out, you complained that the alma mater and its fans — people that attended games and donated in record numbers, mind you — didn’t show you the type of love that you felt you deserved. Then, at your new school, you possess an abysmal 2-8 record in your opening campaign. Not only are fans angry at you, but boosters have become incresingly critical of your stubborn and unrelenting demeanor.

OK, so let’s just say you’re this hypothetical coach. As said coach, do you say the following in your weekly press conference:

“It’s amazing some of the things that people would say [on a message board] or yell at you of a personal nature,” Rodriguez said Monday. “You almost want to tell them, ‘Get a life.’

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Rodriguez First Hispanic Coach To Be Fired


ANN ARBOR — In a historic move for a country with a once-checkered racial past, Illinois Senator Barack Obama, an African-American, was last night elected President of the United States. Today, in that same vein, the University of Michigan has made a similar bold move: making Rich Rodriguez the first Hispanic ex-coach in Wolverine history.

Bill Martin, Michigan’s athletic director, felt his school was ready for such a move.  “If the election of Barack Obama has taught us anything, it’s that this great country is becoming a much more progressive place,” Martin said. “The University of Michigan is no different.  We felt comfortable taking a leap of faith in making Rich Rodriguez the first Hispanic former coach in UM history.  It’s a proud day.”

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Vote For Change?


Rodriguez vs. Hitler — The Ultimate Showdown


As we all probably know by now, Lou Holtz — the Patrick Henry of gameday shows — referenced Adolf Hitler when talking about Rich Rodriguez’s leadership skills.  I wish I could tell you more than that, but unfortunately, the comment made absolutely no sense in context.  Even so, we at WBGV believe that Holtz was on to something — he just needed us to take it a step further.  So we are.  Right…

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Rodriguez’s Agent Contacts Clemson

Damn bro, that was quick.

With the ink on Tommy Bowden’s dismissal not even dry, “The Product’s” agent (Mike Brown, seen here) has contacted Clemson to show interest in the job. I knew Fraud would look to move on to greener pastures but this was so fast and slutty even a sorority girl would be proud.

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