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These Ladies Give Me Hand Cramps


These are my favorite women.
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Best of WBGV: Hump Day: NFL Cheerleaders Edition

This was our most popular hump day post ever. Who the hell cares when it originally ran, but there are more to come. You can also expect an original hump day towards the end of the day that I think everyone will enjoy.

I spent about 20 minutes trying to come up with a good connection between WBGV, hump day, and NFL cheerleaders. After awhile, the bulge in my pants simply became too unbearable and I gave up.

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Best Of WBGV: I’m Gonna Come At You Like A Spider Monkey!

Note: This piece originally ran on January, 4, 2008, after our amazing bowl win against Oklahoma. The fact that I still believe almost every word of this probably makes a lot of you very mad. BITE ME

The Man

When I got a text around 5:30 a.m. yesterday morning stating that Head Coach Bill Stewart, “HCBS”, got the job I was asleep. When I woke up and could fully comprehend what this meant, I smacked myself in the forehead. The initial reaction was, “Are Garrison and Pastilong on their periods?” Because this seemed like an emotional hire that didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

While I may be known for flipping out, about once every hour, I decided to stop and really think about HCBS. It was a hell of a game but can he get it done for an entire season? Does he have enough experience and wherewithal to handle everything being a head coach at a big school entails? Why was his record so bad at VMI?

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Allow Myself To Introduce….Myself

Usually, when there’s a lack of posts on this website, it’s merely us being lazy. Or hungover. Or both.

But this time, we have a legitimate excuse. Over the past few months, we have been working on starting a new chapter in our blog lives. That work, along with countless hours from the guys over at SBNation, have given us a new and improved blog about Mountaineer sports. A blog so good, we hope, that it deserves a new name:

The Smoking Musket.

The new platform will allow us a lot more options as far as providing the best (and lewdest) content of Mountaineer shenanigans on the internet. More live blogs, better recruiting updates, and a better organization — not to mention more poon — should make you, the readers, happy campers.

While the site won’t be operational for another week, we wanted to go ahead and build momentum into the move so we hit the ground running on Monday. For the rest of this week, we’ll be running the “Best of WBGV,” remembering fondly some of our best posts over the past 18 months. That will give us a chance to fine-tune the new site and blow y’all’s minds next Monday.

Get ready…

…and just because I love you guys…

[The new address will be .  No need to start transitioning your bookmarks yet, as it won’t be active for another week.  And come next Monday, we’ll link over from this site.  So again, no worries.]

Locked and Loaded

Like a sunrise over the mountains that burns off the morning fog to reveal West Virginia’s great beauty, the authors of this site will reveal something huge for Mountaineer fans everywhere on Monday morning.

Prepare yourself…

Insert UConn Pun Here

No, UConn not.  Yes, UConn.  UConn do it.  We get it headline writers, UConn sounds very similar to “you can.”  Very clever. 

Anyway you put it though, your 22nd ranked West Virginia Mountaineers play host to cancer-prone Jim Calhoun and his Connecticut Huskies tonight.  May we beat them like rented mule.  Or a woman who talks.

“Tonight we play UConn.  Tonight, we beat UConn.” – Bud Kilmer