Thank You Seniors! USF Open Thread


Snow is covering the field and it is a “White Out” in the stands.  I will be around the entire game so comment away.

Early reports are that 90% of the student section is in white and 50% of the old jack-offs are wearing white.  Good job morons.

It’s A Metaphor


With Joe Alexander not playing due to an injured groin, Joe Mazzulla took the Bulls by the horns in the second half and sparked the Mountaineers to victory. 

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Disrespecting The "U"

Think South Florida isn’t already enjoying their “place” in the national spotlight. Just ask WR Taurus Johnson what he thinks of the current Florida football scene:

“I thought we were already in the Big Three,” Johnson said. “I didn’t know Miami was still in there.”

Oh snap, bitch. He really put them in their place. Or maybe he didn’t.

Remember, he’s talking about the Miami Hurricanes, winners of more national championships over the past 30 years than any other program. The same Miami Hurricanes that USF has never defeated in its history. If you think about, it’s a pretty close comparison, though: Miami has 5 national championships and USF has had a program for 10 years. Oh wait, nevermind.

In the future, Taurus, maybe keep your mouth shut. One year does not a football program make. Just ask Rutgers.

[Charleston Gazette]

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T-Minus 2.5 Hours…

8 o’clock STILL can’t get here soon enough. To pass the time, I’ve had this photo professionally printed life-size and mounted it on my wall. For the next 2 and a half hours, I’ll be the one sitting and staring…and drinking. A lot. Probably an unhealthy amount. It happens.

On Location: Carter-Finley Stadium

Unfortunately, I will not be making the trip to Tampa this year. I will be at a football game, however, as I am taking in NC State-Louisville in Raleigh on Saturday afternoon. This should be a fantastic game between two of the worst teams in the country. But, it is my first chance to see The Krag up close and personal and from the upper deck, so it should be a good time.

By the way, 8:00 pm can’t get here soon enough. Go Mountaineers!

Ears Bleeding, Please Make Stop

Matt Grothe has his own website. If that wasn’t the funniest thing you’ve ever heard, Matt Grothe also has his own rap song. Sung by Bulls kicker/Special Olympian Delbert Alvarado. Hilarity ensues.

Welcome to, the Internet’s #1 source of news, information, and multimedia on University of South Florida sophomore quarterback Matt Grothe!

Fuck, I wonder what’s #2?

For my money, nothing gets you street cred in the rap game quite like missing 4 field goals in one half. And if that’s not enough, having the first name Delbert usually does it. Shit, with a name like that, you’re about 1000% more likely to be hung off a balcony by Suge Knight than have a hit track.