Jack of All Trades, Masters of None


Sometimes we’re Texas Tech with 5 wideouts, sometimes we’re channeling 1970 in a single receiver, double tight end, I set, sometimes, we run fully loaded shotgun, sometimes we run half the team in motion.  But everytime, we suck. 

Offensive identity?  “Bread and butter” plays?  Who needs that when you can just randomly pick plays from nearly every offensive philosophy ever invented.

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New Strength Coach

Except for Comcast sucking, this would have been posted Monday.

Assistant University of Notre Dame strength and conditioning coach, Mike Joseph, is WVU’s new strength and conditioning coach.

He comes to WVU having spent 4 years at ND.  He was a graduate assistant at WVU for 2 years (1999-2001), and is a graduate of Fairmont State.

Personally, I never trust a man with two first names.  But we’ll wait and see.

Cue Up The Nick Saban Hype Machine

When you throw around the Nick Saban name, it brings a whole lot of attention. We know this, as we have some experience in this area. But Mike Casazza is making the leap. We wish him well…

GLENDALE, Ariz. – The pause in West Virginia’s search for a new football coach continues, but it will resume with a new direction. Sources confirmed the university will utilize a consulting firm to assist in hiring a new football coach.

A WVU team source also said Gov. Joe Manchin is intent on putting a big-name coach in place and has interest in Alabama coach and Marion County native Nick Saban. The Crimson Tide just finished Saban’s first season with a 7-6 record after beating Colorado 30-24 in the Independence Bowl.

We have been hearing for the last week that Saban was in play, at least from our end. The money is certainly there. It wouldn’t be available for any other coach, but Saban? It would be there tomorrow. A Brinks armored car would back up to the front door of the Puskar Center and drop off millions of dollars.

In the end, does this happen? Who knows. Conventional wisdom says no. But at this point, the fact that Manchin is involved in the search process is the ONLY reason Nick Saban’s name is even in the conversation.

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Even Though I Can’t Pronounce His Last Name…

…I still agree with the point Jack Bogaczyk makes in his latest article.  Or he agrees with me.  Either way, we are simpatico in thought.

Let’s see if we have this right:

A BCS conference program, one that has ranked in the top 15 nationally for three years running, one that sells out every game and brings in about $23-25 million in revenue annually, has or has had leading candidates named Butch, Jimbo and Doc – who combined have one year of major college head coaching experience?

No one has interviewed the interim head coach. I’m not sure the search party knows who is interviewing whom at this point. What’s next? A consultant to tell the searchers that they should be able to land better candidates?

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No News Is Newsworthy

For the past two weeks or so, we have seen pretty much non-stop speculation, announcements, and false-announcements. Then, since the news of Locksley and Petersen denying being interviewed, things have finally slowed down. Barring a miracle, we are sure to enter 2008 without a head football coach. That’s a far cry from being oh-so-close to having a coach a few different times these past two weeks.

That said, we’ll finally begin to look at the Fiesta Bowl starting tomorrow. That will give us exactly 3 days to look forward to WVU’s 2nd-ever BCS bowl. As you can see, our priorities are a tad out of whack.

Either way, we’ll be here tomorrow…at least before we begin our New Year’s Eve festivities.

The Coaching Search Circus, Part Infinity

Yes, that’s right, the circus continues.

Chris Petersen, head coach of Boise State, is denying that he has had any contact with WVU. He’s quite emphatic about it, too.

Petersen said during an interview on KTIK radio that West Virginia has not made any contact with him or his representatives.

“Not at all,” Petersen said on Idaho Sports Talk. “It’s totally not true.”

Petersen said he finds it “kind of comical” that his name has been connected to nearly every vacancy this offseason.

This, of course, on the heels of Mike Locksley also denying he’s had any contact with WVU.

Do we have herpes and no one told me? Why else would coaches across the country be running from this job?

[Idaho Statesman]

Locksley Denies Being Interviewed

All week, I had heard from a few sources that Mike Locksley refused to be interviewed until after the Rose Bowl. Of course, when most every media outlet reports that he already interviewed, you start to get confused.

Well: Sources 1, Media 0.

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We Have Officially Reached “WTF” Stage

With the fake news of Butch Jones withdrawing from consideration – and, of course, the speedy retraction by Sporting News – we have a reached a stage in this coaching search I didn’t think possible: anything goes.

Seriously, if I reported that Bob Pruett (hint: he coached Marshall) or Woody Hayes (hint: he’s dead) was being considered for the WVU position, you probably wouldn’t be all that amazed. It might take a second to sink in, but after about 15 minutes, you’d have a list of four or five things that rationalized his candidacy (“Well, even dead, Hayes is probably better than Mark Snyder”)

At this point, we’re trained to accept almost anything. There have been so many twists, turns, and oopty oops (oopty fucking oop?) that nothing seems that far-fetched. And I’m here to tell you, that’s not a good thing.

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Sporting News Retracts Jones Story

OK, this is just getting ridiculous.

Sporting News has now retracted their story that reported Butch Jones had withdrawn his name from consideration.  For the time being, I’m going to leave the story below on the site.  If Jones — for some reason — gets the job, it will be a reminder of how stupid Sporting News was and how stupid I was for believing them.

Jones Withdraws/Forced From Consideration

(***UPDATE: Sporting News has now retracted their story***)

It is being reported on both Rivals Radio and Sporting News that Butch Jones has withdrawn his name from consideration for the head-coaching position at WVU.

If you merely watched last night’s ESPN telecast of the Motor City Bowl, this comes as a complete shock to you. All night, the announcers consistently mentioned Jones and his (then upcoming) interview today with WVU officials. The way ESPN broadcasters were talking, it sounded as if Butch Jones had the chance to sign contract papers at halftime.

Of course, if you read WBGV, you’d know that, even despite the second interview (first official), Butch Jones had very little chance of becoming the next head-coach at West Virginia. While we are still working to confirm the circumstances around his announcement, it seems clear that he saw the writing on the wall after speaking to the WVU search committee. It was either 1) stay in consideration and face the potential embarrassment of not getting the job; or 2) withdraw and save face. He chose #2.

Again, we are working to confirm exactly why he withdrew and should (hopefully) have something pretty soon.

Stay tuned as we continue to track this developing story…

WVU To Leave Big EAST, Join….?

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — In a stunning announcement late Wednesday, West Virginia University President Mike Garrison announced that the school would leave the Big East Conference, effective August 1, 2008.

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The Butch Jones Interview(s)

Since Jimbo Fisher exited the picture, the coaching search’s focus has returned to the remaining candidates that have already been interviewed.  One of those candidates is Butch Jones, who was interviewed before Christmas.  In fact, Jones has been invited back for a second interview, to be held tomorrow, just one day after Central Michigan’s game in the Motor City Bowl.  This second interview has many speculating that Jones is a front-runner for the head-coaching position.

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The Great WVU Power Struggle

Over the past few weeks, West Virginia University has been locked in the middle of a massive power struggle.

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Holding Pattern

That’s the only way I can describe what is currently going on.

We can confirm that an offer has been made. Now, it is up to Jimbo Fisher and his family to make a decision whether to leave FSU and accept the West Virginia job.

My sources are still confident that an announcement will be made tonight and a press conference held tomorrow. Of course, that ultimately depends on if Fisher accepts the job or not. But those same sources, seeing as how they believe a press conference will be held tomorrow, are confident he will accept.

IF an announcement is not made, the holding pattern could continue indefinitely. Between Christmas, the team leaving for Phoenix, New Year’s Day, and the Fiesta Bowl, if a decision is not made today we may see this stretch for at least another week, possibly more.

So, in the meantime, my advice to you is this: sit tight, stay tuned to WBGV, and relax.

The List = Jimbo Fisher

(***Latest Update: 4:30 PM***)

Our list of candidates has been trimmed to just one name: Jimbo Fisher.

Fisher, today, was to meet with Bobby Bowden and inform him of his decision to leave Florida State. Of course, according to my sources, saying “no” to Bobby Bowden is easier said than done. Florida State’s hope of keeping Fisher rests on Bowden talking him out of leaving. If that does not happen, look for word to leak later today that Fisher is the next head coach at West Virginia.

UPDATE #1: If Fisher were to ultimately stay at FSU, the backup plan no longer includes Doc Holliday. Reaction to Holliday’s hiring was so negative among boosters at all levels that he has been essentially eliminated from contention. After Fisher, the clear #2 is Terry Bowden. That fact makes the sit-down between Fisher and Bobby Bowden that much more interesting.

UPDATE #2: The Palm Beach Post is reporting that Jimbo Fisher has officially been offered the job at West Virginia.


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