Turning Point???

I want to start off by saying I was wrong on my score prediction but only by a few points. This was not an impressive victory but we won. Remember, the last time we played a close game with Syracuse, we went on to win the Sugar Bowl. Could it happen again?

Not likely

Everybody Fucking Panic, Part Deux!!!!

How many times did we shoot ourselves in the foot during that game? My guess is at least 10-15. Penalties, stupid-predictable-fan-influenced play calls, and poor tackling.

I have so many thoughts running through my head right now that I can’t get them all out to write a logical post. I know, I know whats new. Here are a few random thoughts but expect more tomorrow.

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Mullen Mauled

No, there was not a tiger attack in Morgantown last night. However, Mullen did get beat down pretty good on the Statewide Sportsline. Almost every caller bashed his motion offense and questioned every facet of his offensive game plan against ECU.

Normally, our fan base is somewhat out of touch with reality on these call-in shows but last night most callers really knew their stuff. I only punched myself twice because of a caller’s statement.

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Gridiron Bash Bust…


Are you shitting me? Dwight Yoakam, Dwight “fucking” Yoakam…sigh

I thought the point of the Gridiron Bash was to sell tickets and get MORE people out to the Gold-Blue game. This is not an appealing concert for WVU students or a majority of our fanbase. I love country music but Dwight Yoakam hasn’t been relevant in 10+ years. Brad Paisley is from this state. Did anyone from MSL Sports and Entertainment ever think to give him a call, flippin’ IDIOTS.

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I Don’t Do Drugs Though…Just Weed!


UPDATE: All three players — Holmes, Collington, and Ingram — have been kicked off the team.

When I first saw the news this morning my first reaction was to poke myself in the eye. How could these guys be this careless and irresponsible. This not only effects their lives but also all of their teammates on and off the field.

After reading the article again I became very suspicious of the circumstances and the officer involved, D.W. Wilfong. I had a run in with this character after I helped break-up a fight on High Street late one Saturday night.

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Wake Forest Quarterbacks Gone Wild


When you woke up this morning, you probably didn’t think to yourself, “man, I really hope I get to see Wake Forest quarterback Riley Skinner naked today.” And if you did, you’re 5th Year Senior. But I digress.

What follows is a slightly photoshopped version of Skinner’s self-portrait. When I say slightly photoshopped, I mean I have covered up his penis. Because c’mon, who wants a penis on their site? Not me — I’m all about the tits.

And by the way, if this is what former Wake QB coach and current WVU OC Jeff Mullen had to work with, he should do just fine with Pat White.

So, after the jump, nakedness (sans penis). Enjoy — or not.

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Fire Ed Pastilong!

As we hinted to last night, this was certainly not a case of Jimbo Fisher simply wanting to stay at Florida State.  He was signed, sealed, and essentially delivered to WVU by those negotiating on our behalf.  It was not until Ed Pastilong and Mike Parsons entered that things went awry.

Here is what happened:

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