Maybe Next Time

X-Men’s Last Stand

Today we play the least of the Xaviers: Nady, McDaniel, and finally the Musketeers. Of course, Xavier is most famous for having the gayest French mascot this side of UVA. (Ed. note: Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Gay, that is. We certainly don’t approve of being French.)

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It’s (Sweet 16) Gameday!

Tonight, we play Xavier. Tonight, we beat Xavier. This morning, I stole a line from a fictional high school coach’s inspirational speech in Varsity Blues. Screw Bud Kilmer — and screw Xavier too.

Anyways, tonight’s game tips at 7:10, or 5:10 4:10 Phoenix time (yes, 4:10). You remember Phoenix, right? Last time I checked, the Mountaineers have some recent history in that city. Something about a Fiesta Bowl. Ahh, I don’t remember, I was hammered.

At press time, we’re a 1 point favorite. When the line opened, it immediately jumped from a pick ’em to -1 and money has consistently favored the Mountaineers since then. Needless to say, it’s not just the people inside this state’s borders who like us to knock off the #3 seeded Musketeers.

Basically, it’s best case scenario. We’re hungry, we’re favored, and we can still play the part of the underdog with the lower seed. Plus Drew Lavender is really short, so things are looking up.