Best Of WBGV: Fraud Offers WVU $1.5 Million And A Box Of Envelopes


According to ESPN, Rodriguez has offered to pay WVU $1.5 million for breaching a contract that calls for $4 million in liquidated damages. I think I’m a high enough ranking official within WVU’s Athletic Department to say, “HAHAHAHA How ’bout you just pay $4 million bitch.”

Quotes from the Letter of Credit show that Fraud has no leg to stand by stating that he is “a responsible person”…yeah responsible for breaching a contract that calls for $4 million in damages. It also cities to the original contract signed by Rodriquez before the ‘Bama situation and the newest amendment signed in August (poking myself in the eye).

I have thought all along that this case will likely be settled out of court for upwards of $3 million. This is a low ball offer and I would not be surprised if we see a story tomorrow stating that WVU wants the full $4 million.

The back-and-forth is likely to continue until both sides run out of piss and realize this whole situation needs to end. However, it is looking like Fraud is never going to let this go and will be trying to screw WVU every chance he gets.


14 Responses

  1. If we need more piss, you know to outlast Rich Rod, we all know that Charley drinks alot, so perhaps he can pitch in….

  2. True, I do drink — to make you more tolerable.

  3. screw you rr..wvu should attach his wages.

  4. To make me toleable, a man needs to make a lot of piss….

  5. They are complete idiots if they do not make him pay the full 4 million.

  6. I love the “box of envelopes” reference in the title…

    You know how much you can get for a slip-and-fall?

  7. ESPN updated the story with this quote:

    “The amount owed by Mr. Rodriguez, under the terms of the contract in effect at the time of his resignation, is $4 million,” WVU attorney Jeff Wakefield said Tuesday.

    Gotta Love WVU’s response!!!

  8. No Way! we cshould get more than 4 mill. and press charges for destroying papers! Lets take everything we can ARR!

  9. How much interest does he owe now? How many days at 4K a day?

  10. As long as we keep drinking the Kool Aid, there will be plenty of piss. At the risk of using an outmoded cliche, “hold the rope” – the amount due is $4M. We should settle for less until we have an opportunity to depose RR.

  11. Are there any talented techies out there? Can someone come up with a version of this game

    where instead of Michigan players, one can whack, oh, I dunno, maybe . . . various incarnations of RR?

  12. $4M and move on…nothing less! I want to get back to hating Pitt!

  13. That article is from 08′ ??

  14. nevermind. Pay up Fraud Pay up !!

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