Blue Horseshoe Loves WVU

I like to bet on football. I do it every season and have yet to lose my shirt, house, affection from loved ones, etc. Because of this, my mind is always thinking with a point spread perspective. Usually, when it comes to WVU games, I can speculate within a point or two of each spread, before it comes out. Every once in awhile, though, Vegas will completely shock me, just usually not with WVU. Today is a first.

Last night, the UConn @ WVU spread was released. Want to know what it is? You sure? Are you sitting down? Just making sure…

WVU is a 17 point favorite. Yes, that’s right, 17

The Big EAST Championship will come down to two teams, both of which are playing for a BCS berth. One of those teams, however, might be a high school team. Good lord, I would expect a 17 point spread against Pitt (note: it will be higher), but I just didn’t see it coming against UConn. My guess was somewhere between 10-12. Needless to say, I was wrong.

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My Friends Call Me "Double-Down"

I can’t decide whether Bob Huggins is a saint or an asshole. Until I touch down in Vegas, dreaming of strippers, craps, and booze, he’s a saint. When I come back broke, married, and with fresh tattoos, he’s an asshole. Either way, we’re all going to Vegas:

MORGANTOWN — West Virginia men’s basketball Coach Bob Huggins said Tuesday his team will participate in the Las Vegas Invitational next season.

The field includes Kentucky, Iowa, Kansas State, Delaware State, Southeast Missouri, Oakland and Longwood. The preliminary games are on campus and the semifinal and championship games are at Orleans Arena, Nov. 28-29.

Unfortunately, it’s the day after thanksgiving. Though, the tryptophan running through my system will make taking a nap on the plane significantly easier.

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Nobody is smarter than Las Vegas when it comes to understanding the game of football. As you know, the point of the lines is to drive the betting action to a 50-50 split. To make this happen, Vegas has demonstrated that WVU is a great football team. Case in point:

WVU @ South Florida
Line: WVU -6

South Florida @ Rutgers
Line: South Florida -2

WVU @ Rutgers
Line: -6

Now, I understand the Rutgers/USF game was at night, but Vegas is showing WVU a lot of respect with this line Saturday. Basically saying the Mountaineers are the best team in the Big East. Now, they have to go out and prove it.

Was this post necessary or even helpful? No, probably not. But, I gotta do something to pass the time till Saturday at Noon.

Editor’s Note: Are we also 10 points better than Kentucky? Case in point:

Mississippi State @ WVU last week: +24.5
Mississippi State @ Kentucky this week: +13.5

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