Cleaning Out The Cobwebs

Now that my mom has cleaned up the Halloween decorations from my room, I figured I should clean out some thoughts and anger that have cluttered my mind. If you think Halloween movies are scary, just read on about the thoughts that randomly come into my head during the day.
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Now For Something Completely Different

We don’t normally do this but it seems that we have a lot of fortune tellers around predicting total calamity recently. This is your chance to prove your mystical powers. The compound question is simple. How will the game play out and what is the final score?

As I look into my crystal ball this is what I see…
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Ways To Stop Looking Stewpid

Many of you have complained over the past few weeks that our coach looks like and actually is a bumbling idiot that needs to be fired. Since I do not agree that he needs to be fired, I am offering HCBS some free advice. If he follows these easily implemented suggestions he will improve his Stewpid image, have porcelain venires, and rock hard abs.

Actually, he will only improve his image but the other two would help with the ladies and recruits.
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I Like Swimming With Bowlegged Women

I’ve only been gone a couple weeks and Mountaineer athletics have seemingly gone down the pooper. What the hell are y’all doing up there? Don’t make me come back up there and straighten you guys out.

Huggins does a face plant at the Charlotte airport. Keith Dewitt pulls his commitment from the 2009 class. Fraud did not assume the fetal position and cry after being questioned by WVU lawyers.

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Everyone Fucking Panic!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Now For Something Completely Different

Big Recruit Out of Virginia:

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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