Villanova Highlights: “Put On”

[Thanks, as always, to Dougity Dog] Launches

Our old friend Dougity Dog has done it again. This time, launching Along with the official WVU site,, we now have a formidable push for Pat White’s Heisman campaign. I urge all fans of WBGV to check Dog’s new site, as it has a wealth of information, is well-designed, and hell, it’s about Pat White — so you know you’re going to check it out anyway.

Dougity Dog: Devine Intervention

When Noel Devine was in high school, his highlight reel was the stuff of legend. Millions of people watched his YouTube videos in complete awe of his skills.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this newest epic by Dougity Dog becomes the college compliment to Devine’s high school glory. And if you think this is good, just wait until next year.

Caution: Noel Devine’s ankle-breaking moves may be NSFW.

Also note the new sidebar to the left. It will feature links to all of WVMF’s (aka Dougity Dog’s) videos and features. Highly recommended.

UPDATE: Forgot to credit ZProductionZ for the awesome introduction to the video.  Our sincere apologies — and mad props for the quality work.