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The Countdown Is Coming To A Close

We’re just a weekend away from making the big move over to The Smoking Musket.

Check back Monday.



I’ve heard through the grape vine that last night during HCBS Call-In Show that there was a mention of MY idea to change the First Down cheer. I would like to congratulate myself for being a true revolutionary. I feel as if I was molded in the image of the greatest revolutionary in American history, Hugh Hefner.

I give you boobs, ass, and great articles, just like Hef. So help me and the other revolutionaries out there to change the first down cheer. It is simple and I don’t even care if you are too drunk to point in the right direction, just do this…


If people around you are not receptive to this change, physically force them to do this cheer by placing your hand on their throat until they listen.  See, there is a simple violent solution to every problem

Best Of WBGV: Fraud Offers WVU $1.5 Million And A Box Of Envelopes


According to ESPN, Rodriguez has offered to pay WVU $1.5 million for breaching a contract that calls for $4 million in liquidated damages. I think I’m a high enough ranking official within WVU’s Athletic Department to say, “HAHAHAHA How ’bout you just pay $4 million bitch.”

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These Ladies Give Me Hand Cramps


These are my favorite women.
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In 2002, I Hit Ronald Blackshear In The Head…

…with a nerf basketball that I launched onto the court after a devastating OT loss.

The year before, I obtained his cell-phone number and posted it on a sign at the game. And we called it about a thousand times.

That same year, J.R. VanHoose, during pre-game warmups, walked over to me in the front row of the student section, grabbed my sign and tore it up. Right in front of me. What did that sign read? Nothing too bad, just poking fun at a recent DUI arrest.

Tamar Slay
FG: 48%
FT: 86%
BAC: .12

During the infamous “Fire Drill Game,” I literally had to restrain my shit-faced friend in the Civic Center tunnel from punching Greg White in the face.

Needless to say, I’ve had some interesting moments during the Capital Classic. But one fact remains: I hate Marshall, and very little gives me more pleasure than watching yet another dejected Herd crowd leave the Civic Center each year.

Can’t wait….see you guys inside.

Best of WBGV: Hump: I Like It, I Love It, I Want Some More Of It


I love boobs. I love butts. Here are some pictures featuring both and some up the skirt action.
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