Mullen Mauled

No, there was not a tiger attack in Morgantown last night. However, Mullen did get beat down pretty good on the Statewide Sportsline. Almost every caller bashed his motion offense and questioned every facet of his offensive game plan against ECU.

Normally, our fan base is somewhat out of touch with reality on these call-in shows but last night most callers really knew their stuff. I only punched myself twice because of a caller’s statement.

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Program in Meltdown: West Virginia

Note: You knew it was coming.

As 5th Year Senior told us yesterday, “everybody fucking panic!” I certainly am. Why? Because Coach Stewart and the Mountaineers certainly left a lot of doubt on Saturday. In fact, the doubt dial is turned all the way up to 11.

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Unintentional Comedy Hour

Funny Man

All one really needs to do for a quick chuckle is simply look at Marshall beat writer Doug Smock’s picture. That picture is hung on the ceiling over my bed so the girls I trick into sleeping with me know that they could’ve done worse. However, after I give them my O face they realize Mr. Smock would’ve been the better choice.

Ol’Dougies looks can be mocked but I’m a nice guy so I will not do that anymore. Instead let’s take a look at his Monday column in the Charleston Gazette.

So let’s take a stab at an issue today – Marshall’s 2008 football schedule. Is it, as some would assert, too tough to handle?

Alright, after this he has write that Moo U actually has a chance to beat WVU, Wisconsin, and Cincinnati to give the alumni some glimmer of hope for the upcoming season.

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Why Yes, We’ll Take Your Free Stuff

WVU and Panasonic have entered into an exclusive deal that makes Mountaineer facilities the proving ground for all of Panasonic’s newest audio/video equipment. Before the cutting-edge technology is available to rest of the nation’s programs (and professional teams), it will be installed at WVU’s Mountaineer Field and Coliseum.

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Dr. Dre Drops Some Knowledge

Today, the WVU College of Law hosted a panel discussion entitled, “Rodriguez Law,” discussing the legal topics involved in the case. Professors Tom Cady, Vince Cardi, and ‘dre cummings (ed. — yes, it’s in all lower-case letters) spoke on the topics of tort law, contract law, and NCAA institutional control.

When asked for their opinions on whether WVU would be able to recover the full 4 million dollars from Rodriguez, all three professors agreed that the matter would likely be settled out of court in order to avoid costly litigation.

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Bill Stewart Hired, Nuclear Fallout Results

Coach Bill Stewart has a little over a month until signing day, which is his first test as a head coach and recruiter. He then has approximately 8 months until the 2008 season opener, which is like a final exam compared to this first signing day. As much as I hate to say it, I just don’t know how he’s going to fare in those tests.

But, apparently, Stewart Mandel already knows. And the picture isn’t pretty.

Dismiss it as being overly pessimistic, but this is the what the national public is being spoon-fed. Whether we like it or not, this is what people will eventually hear enough that they feel they must accept it as gospel.

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The Sky Is Not Falling

Stewart Mandel, like a lot of outsiders, paints a pretty gloomy picture of the future of Mountaineer football.

Michigan’s good fortune comes at the expense of West Virginia fans, now reeling from their second crippling blow this month. (And unlikely to be comforted by rumors that native Terry Bowden — out of coaching since 1998 — is believed to be Rodriguez’s most likely successor). The first was a gut-wrenching Dec. 1 loss to arch-rival Pittsburgh that knocked the Mountaineers out of the BCS title game.

I don’t see it the same way. Rodriguez has built an upcoming program at West Virginia. The key word is program. We have made significant strides in recruiting and facilities to compete year-in and year-out on the national stage. If WVU makes a splashy hire — and I believe Bowden would make good waves — we can continue to reap the seeds that Rodriguez has sewed. Or some other farming metaphor.

Either way, the sky is not falling for West Virginia football. As long as Pastilong makes a good, quick hire, this program is not going anywhere. We have the personnel and money (thanks, Michigan) to lure a very good coach. The next two weeks could very well decide the next 10 years of Mountaineer football.

Personally, I’m seeing this glass as half full.

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