MNC vs. Fiesta, WHO YA GOT?

Just to be clear, this is a complete and utter ripoff of a feature by the same name at Kissing Suzy Kolber. Usually, I would feel wary of up and copying a segment idea but, seeing as how I’ve been to hell and back this past weekend, fuck it. So, today, we look at the National Championship vs. the Fiesta Bowl. WHO YA GOT?

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The Backyard Brawl Is Here

Take a minute and sit down, because I have some big news. Huge news. OK, you sitting? Good.

If (read: when) we win tomorrow night, we go to the National Championship game. Yeah, you heard me right. I know you’ve heard that a thousand times over the past two weeks or so, but it’s true. Let it sink in. The fucking National Championship game! Amazing.

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Beware: Ohio Drivers and Buckeye Fans

Stewart Mandel, who seems to genuinely like West Virginia as a team, tackled the notion of Ohio State jumping the Mountaineers in the BCS rankings. In my opinion, he makes a great point. Also, Dan from Kalamazoo is an idiot.

Why are the Buckeyes getting no love for the NC game? I have not heard anyone talk about the possibility of OSU jumping West Virginia. Let me remind you that OSU’s sole loss was to 15th-ranked Illinois, where West Virginia lost to 25th-ranked USF.

–Dan, Kalamazoo, Mich.

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Terrelle Pryor Should Get Used To This


Didn’t think the hype machine would start a week early? Thought the mainstream media might wait a week until the BCS National Championship game was officially set? Well, you were wrong. The hype, or as I like to call it, “The 2007-2008 West Virginia Kicks Ass In Recruiting For The Next Decade Tour, presented by Tostitos,” has begun in earnest.

Here, as exhibits A, B, and C, I present to you the front pages of ESPN, Yahoo, and SI.


Remember, we have over a month of this. Yay!


On Location: Touchdown City

You wanted Morgantown to rock? You wanted the crowd to finally be in a game? You’re about to see it tomorrow. You’re about to see 60,000+ of your closest friends cheer like they KNOW we’re going to the National Championship. This fan base is about to come alive, finally.

I have not been this excited about Mountaineer football since my friend poured a full beer on himself at the Sugar Bowl. This is it, ladies and gentlemen. Win out and we get called to the show. Lose and it’s over. Want to see some Mountaineer fans cheer like their hopes and dreams hang in the balance? Witness it at Mountaineer Field tomorrow.

And, hoping all goes well, watch everything you see tomorrow TIMES TWO against Pitt next week.

I’m drunk now. I’m drunk tomorrow. See you in Morgantown.

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Razorback Rampage!

5:30 I wanted to start this earlier but my internet has been terrible all day. 21-21 This could be big. Charley is on a flight back to WV right now, and is pumped about the score. I’m keeping him updated by text message, I hope his phone doesn’t mess up the planes computer junk.

5:35 Did anyone else notice that during the halftime show Spencer Tillman said the name on our jersey could get us in BCS championship game over Missouri? I thought everyone hated us and disrespected WVU. That may just be ESPN but we may not need to rely on our tradition if ar-Kansas can push through.

A friend that has a wedding on WVU football Saturday is no friend of mine.

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Saturday Cheat Sheet

With WVU off this week, it’s a perfect day to just lay around and watch college football. To that end, here is a quick cheat sheet on who to root for today:

1. Wisconsin over Ohio State (P.J. Hill needs to play for Wisconsin to have a chance)
2. Florida State over Boston College (Ugh, it’s tough to root for Florida State)
3. Alabama over LSU (C’mon this will be easy-root for the West Virginia guy)
4. Arizona State over Oregon (Tough game to call, but Arizona State has the harder remaining schedule between the two, therefore gotta pull for the Sun Devils)
5. Texas A&M over Oklahoma (Note to Coach Fran: Get the ball to that Lane kid. He’s good)
6. Nebraska over Kansas (OK, I don’t any hope for this game)

Obviously, one team ahead of WVU is going to lose. To make this a nice day, at least one more team needs to lose. Most likely in my opinion? LSU and BC.