Here We Go Again…

Well, the saga continues.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which really is the Rodriguez Post-Gazette, says that Calvin Magee was not allowed to stay at WVU, despite his wishes, because he was black.

Of course, this story has national legs now, and is awful for WVU’s image.

If true, this is horrible, but let’s remember two things.

  1. The story was fed to Chuck Finder by Rodriguez’s agent, Mike Brown.
  2. Magee flew to Michigan with Rodriguez the day RR was hired, displaying loyalty to RR and not WVU.

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University Side Of The Story


The University is mounting an offensive to mask the true story of the Jimbo Fisher fiasco. The University is stating that they offered a $1.5 million salary and that Douglas Leech, President and CEO of Centra Bank, was willing to pay Fisher’s buyout. They go on to say that Fisher then walked away.

Our source just laughed after he heard this version of the story and reiterated what we previously reported. We had our chance to land a big fish but the captain of ship cut our line.

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Rodriguez and Pastilong: An Exclusive

Earlier today, in a secret meeting, Coach Rich Rodriguez and Athletic Director Ed Pastilong sat down to discuss the day’s events. Ever the attentive reporters, WBGV had a spy in the room. What follows is a word-for-word transcript:

Coach Rich Rodriguez (CRR): Hey, Ed, funny to see you here.

Ed Pastilong (EP): Really, why’s that?

CRR: Oh, no reason. We never get to talk these days.

EP: Yeah, we really don’t. Especially about you covertly flying to Toledo to meet with Michigan’s officials, you son of a bitch.

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