Remember, We Be On The Facebook

Since school started about a week ago, I figured I would remind everyone of our presence on Facebook. Currently, we have 259 fans, including myself. If you were ever desperately craving to know my identity, you now have a 1/259 chance of randomly finding it on Facebook. So join the group and go to work.

And always remember, the bad thing about Facebook is that there’s a lot of sexual predators….the good thing is that there’s a lot of sexual prey.

We’ve Gone Facebook

In another attempt to reach every Mountaineer fan on the planet, WBGV has setup our official home on Facebook. So far, we have about 6 friends/fans, which pretty much sums up our lives in junior high school.

Anyways….if you’re on Facebook, look us up. If we get a ton of fans, we might do something nice for everyone — like an ice cream social or a bowling party.