Ohio State Sucks

Ohio State just got knocked the fuck out of national championship contention. However, they probably won’t drop out of the top 15.

Rockefeller Rips Rod Right In Rear!


In an article in today’s Daily Mail, here, U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller really rips into ARR. I know, I know, get over ARR but you know what, when he is beaten down I will be here to broadcast it to the 5 people that read this blog.

Also, why do we never hear about Rockefeller being hit up for money? He is rich and if he loves this state so much why not give a few hundred million here or there to West Virginia University.

Yes, Yes, a Thousand Times Yes

There aren’t really words to properly describe this footage of awesomeness. Sure, she’s OK, so we can laugh, but there was a good chance I would be laughing either way.

[With Leather]

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Yeah, This Pretty Much Sums Up Pitt Football

You have to watch for a little while, but here’s what happens:

1. Celtic scores rebound goal.
2. Scottish announcers have an unintelligible conversation about said goal.
3. Celtic supporter runs onto pitch and viciously assaults Milan’s goalkeeper.
3. Fan runs onto the field, touches goalkeeper, goalkeeper gets sand in his vagina and falls down.

How does this NOT remind you of Pitt football? I mean seriously. Both found the fetal position at the first sign of danger.

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You Got Knocked The Fuck Out

This is what Maryland players have to look forward to.

It’s not pretty.

You Got Knocked The Fuck Out

For your enjoyment, here are some of the biggest hits in recent Mountaineer history.

Look for our college football picks — which will run every Wednesday — later this afternoon.

Quincy on Brandon Merriweather

Addae on Jeff King

Estrada on Derrick Knight

Pat White owning UConn