On Location: Boulder

I’m here in the sunshine state waiting for kickoff, and a magnificent stadium, whose scoreboard read COLORADO 88 WEST VIRGINIA 87, as the team went through walk-throughs yesterday.  Personally, I would take 87 points a loss.  It sure beats 3 points.

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It’s Colorado Week!

And it’s a short week at that, which means much less Xanax to get us through to gametime.

Why Xanax? Besides all of our usual probleams, we’re not sure anyone has any earthly clue what to expect Thursday night. You want to believe the team will come out and play “Mountaineer football,” but nothing we’ve seen so far this year would tell us that. When you factor in the altitude and the night atmosphere, the picture gets even murkier. Even Vegas seems confused, making WVU a very nondescript three-point favorite.

So, you’ve got four days to prepare for Colorado, instead of your usual six.  That means two fewer days of rape and stripper scandal jokes, which is really a shame.  It’s the sole reason we at WBGV favor Saturday games.

The Mostest Definingest Game Of The Season

Contrary to popular belief (see: SEC fans), there are a lot of tough games on this year’s schedule. The Big East has transformed itself into a deep conference where no game is an automatic win (exception: any Greg Robinson coached team). But beyond the conference slate, WVU faces two very tough non-conference tests: Colorado and Auburn (maybe three, if you count ECU…but I’m not).

Most of the focus has been given to the Auburn game. It’s easy to see why: two marquee national powers doing battle in the middle of October on national television. Plus it’s the holy-fucking-shit SEC, a conference so strong it’s trying to replace the NFC (please, please, note the sense of sarcasm). But maybe Auburn isn’t the game we should be most worried about.

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