It’s A Christmas Miracle!


Since the Friday before the South Florida game, there have been many rumors and tons of speculation about Noel Devine’s academic status. While he most likely did not get a 4.0, he is cleared to play in the bowl game and beyond.

“He’s out of my dog house, but still on the leash,” Stewart said.

[Source: WV Gazette]

The Mullen That Got Away

The best young offensive coordinator this side of Chip Kelley is no longer on the market, and his name is Mullen.

No, not Jeff Mullen, OC for the 75th ranked scoring offense in football.  I’m talking about Dan Mullen.  Co-orchestrator of the 3rd ranked scoring offense.

Only 36 years old, and Urban Meyer’s right hand man for the past 8 seasons, Mullen would have been an ideal candidate for any head coaching position.  Especially for a team running the option spread. 

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Lone Wolf



After a loss that showed little to no positive movement, there are those that want to give up.  You can call me whatever the hell you want (a homer, lover of mediocrity, or sexy), but I am standing by HCBS.  I am not supporting him because he is a good man.  Rather, I see the positives of this season and think to throw that away would be silly.

Like many of you, Charley and 25314 have been on the fire HCBS bandwagon since our tough loss to Colorado.  This season, after defeats, this site and other crappy message boards blow up. People come out of the wood work wanting heads to roll.  However, after victories you can hear a pin drop because nobody wants to give credit where credit was do.

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Rollercoasters Make Me Nauseous

Here’s a quick snynopsis of this season:

  • Rodriguez leaves (not good)
  • Stewart is hired (panic)
  • Stewart talks great game during offseason (better)
  • Win first game of the year (Villanova, eh)
  • Lose next two games (panic resumes)
  • Beat Marshall (yawn)
  • Tajh Boyd gets cold feet (even more panic)
  • Unconvincingly beat Rutgers and Syracuse (sleepy)
  • Tajh Boyd de-committs (martial law is imposed)
  • Huge 2nd halfs beat Auburn and UConn (Obama-like change?)
  • Crushing defeat to Cincinnati (nope, that’s more of the same)
  • Eugene Smith commits (whiskey tango foxtrot)

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Yeah, I Guess I’ll Go To The Game

…but only because there’s beer.

Seriously, this has what it has come to with me.  I don’t even really want to go.  The past few weeks as a fan have completely zapped me of any energy and enthusiasm I had towards this team and program.  And you can’t even call me a pessimist or a bandwagon-jumper.  Hell, I started a damn WVU blog — don’t think I’m a big fan?

I already know what’s going to happen, too.  We’re going to win by 14-17 points in completely uninspiring fashion, and I’m going to leave the stadium trying to figure out just how we’re going to beat awful Rutgers and Syracuse teams.  But I will be walking out of the stadium, which means I had to go into the stadium, which means I went to the game.

…but only because there’s beer.

Was It All A Bad Wet Dream?

After only a couple hours sleep, I woke up from the drug induced comma hoping that it was Thursday morning. Unfortunately, it is Friday and we are a sub .500 team. From the moment I stepped out of bed I have been shaking my head in disbelief. Did we really just get beat 17-14? We are supposed to win a 17-14 game, that is WVU’s famous score.

I still have not received much clarity of thought about what occurred last night. I’m angry, disappointed, embarrassed, and I feel bad for our players who left it all out on the field only to be done in by poor coaching. The players should not be ashamed of their performance last night. The coaches should have their tails tucked between their legs like a dog that shit on the new carpet.
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