WVU To Leave Big EAST, Join….?

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — In a stunning announcement late Wednesday, West Virginia University President Mike Garrison announced that the school would leave the Big East Conference, effective August 1, 2008.

“The Big East has been a perfect fit for WVU since we first joined as an all-sports member in 1995,” said Garrison.  “With our school’s recent athletic success, however, we must look to the future to a conference that better suits our needs going forward.”

Speaking in front of hundreds of assembled television cameras and media members, Garrison was vague as to the conference that WVU would eventually join.

“It is too early to comment on any new conference affiliation.”  Garrison explained.

Speculation on the reasons for the abrupt conference change was rampant.  Sources close to the situation have told WBGV that the Big East simply wanted too much money from WVU, demanding an ever increasing share of the school’s bowl and television revenue.  The administration tried to accomodate as many requests as possible, but towards the end, simply declined any new demands.  This eventually led to the split.

Focus now turns toward the candidates for a new conference home for WVU.  Message boards have been ripe with speculation, with names like the SEC, ACC, and Big 10 all tossed around.

A source close to the conference search, however, has learned of the conferences invited for initial interviews.  Those conferences include the Southern Conference, Eastern 8, and the Atlantic 10.

“It’s obvious that the search is focusing on a conference with WVU ties,” the source said.  “While there are more impressive candidates with better resumes, West Virginia is concerned that eventually, such a conference might have similar demands on West Virginia’s purse strings.”

When asked why the Eastern 8 was included after not exisiting as a conference since 1982, West Virginia University officials had no comment.


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  1. Is this for real? Are we gonna try to find an elite confrence, SEC,ACC Big Ten? Or is this a way to become an independent school? It sounds to me thats what they want, we have a program on the rise, a strong following to bowls, etc. It sounds like its a way to become independent so Garrison and Pastilong can get all the money from the bowls? Just a thought what do you think Charley?

  2. How is it this is the only website Making this bold Anouncment lol Im guessing this is some kind of joke?

    I mean Wvu’s schedule is allready set for next year I think you are full of it!

  3. Looks like some folks are immune to satire. Charley’s post is a commentary on WVU’s anemic coaching search. CW is comparing WVU’s unimaginative choices as being akin to a fictional – and nonsensical – announcement that WVU might issue if it were to take the unthinkable step of throwing up its hands and bowing out of the BCS.

  4. Nice use of ‘AP style’. The strong lead, the inverted pyramid of information. You’re a regular Dylan Sacchetti. (the late, great DA Sportswriter).

    Charley West is quite the satirist. Or is that sadist? Either way…

  5. Hilarious post….. someone should email it to EP

  6. Well played Mr. West. Some gullible folks around here. That being said, your parody of our coaching search is spot on.

  7. I think when the dust settles…….we will be pleased with our new head coach. And the professional way we went about getting him. The same critical comments made against Michigan…..will not be applied to us……….a little faith and support please.

    How about givng us the skinny on the Peterson interview instead of this crap

  8. I’m still waiting on someone to blame the adminstration on the Jason Gwantley debacle.

  9. One year, there was a dead bird’s carcass rotting on the outside windowsill of the pressbox for the entire season. That was the administration’s fault.

  10. By all means, the administration MUST hire a coach with WV ties…I mean, why would anyone want a proven, successful coach who isn’t emotionally tied to the state? What good could come of that? They’re obviously not Mountain men, and I guess that means they’re not the right fit for the University.

    Maybe all of the out-of-state students (such as myself) who fund the University through our tuition shouldn’t be kept on board, either…because most of us don’t have WV ties. Let’s get this state ethnic cleansing party started!

  11. Illini Coach Mike Locksley got an interview yesterday too it seems


  12. Assistant coach/offensive coordinator I’m not that big of an idiot??

  13. If this was emailed to EP, he’d probably call Mike Garrison furious that he wasn’t informed of the decision. “I am the athletic director! I am trying to regain authority over my department and its my decision! Now what kind of income can we expect from this new conference??”

  14. I’m interested in the scoop on Locksley and Petersen also, more so Locksley.

  15. EP is not going to do something as bold as a Locksley hire.

  16. Hell yes…high 5!!!

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  18. According to the Daily Mail (Charleston), buried in this story about Bill Stewart,


    It says that Locksley interviewed on Wednesday. The offensive coordinator for the team that knocked Ohio out of the top spot would be a very good thing. His recruiting looks good too (and, maybe, could open WVU up to some new recruiting areas)

  19. Locksley looks like the up and comer with the most upside. If he lands a solid D-coordinator I think he could be a really great hire.

    Unfortunately, I think EP and Garrison are more interested in a puppet type that will do OK but not well enough to take political power from them (like RR did)

    So butch jones here we come.

  20. Not even funny. But, when Pastilong finally gets canned (as he should), I would not be surprised if we end up in the Big 10 along with someone else, or replacing someone like Vandy in the SEC. Especially if the BCS becomes a +1 or +2 system.

  21. Mike Garrison and Ed Pastilong need to hire a coach before the weeks end. in order, to salvage the mess of the recruiting. How many verbals are we going to lose, before we make the direction of our program known DO NOT HIRE BOWDEN!!!


  22. I would love to leave the Big East becasue it would answer some questions we all have as WV fans, are we or aren’t we? The SEC is the best conference accoring to all the “experts”, so what the hell, lets get in the SEC and take a few lumps if we have to. I have NO PROBLEM being a Second Teir SEC program as it would give you something to shoot for and who knows, we could make an immediate impact in the SEC. We beat Georgia in the Sugar and we beat Miss. ST two consecutive years, so we do compete well with them. Lets give it a go.

  23. […] Of WBGV: WVU To Leave Big EAST… Posted on January 13, 2009 by Charley West Note: This piece originally ran on December 26, 2007, during the heart of our fantastically inept coaching search. […]

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