The Butch Jones Interview(s)

Since Jimbo Fisher exited the picture, the coaching search’s focus has returned to the remaining candidates that have already been interviewed.  One of those candidates is Butch Jones, who was interviewed before Christmas.  In fact, Jones has been invited back for a second interview, to be held tomorrow, just one day after Central Michigan’s game in the Motor City Bowl.  This second interview has many speculating that Jones is a front-runner for the head-coaching position.

The candidacy of Jones, however, is not as serious as that of some of the other candidates (think: Terry Bowden).  WBGV has learned that the first interview of Butch Jones was conducted almost entirely by Mike Parsons.  AD Ed Pastilong, while in the room, was generally silent and without questions (our source’s description was “half-alseep”).  Craig Walker, Chief of Staff to President Garrison, was out of the room on his cell phone for the majority of the meeting.  This is the direct opposite of the interviews of Bowden, Doc Holliday, and Rick Trickett, where Pastilong served as the point-man.

Jones is seen by both the athletic department and larger donors as a good coach interviewing at the wrong time.  Jones, who was only at West Virginia for two seasons, is still seen as an unproven commodity.  His one season of success at Central Michigan was done with the inherited players of Brian Kelly, now at Cincinnati.  Jones also coached the wide receivers at WVU, never a strong suit of the Mountaineer offense (though the development of Brandon Myles is credited to Jones).  Also, a Jones hire would not correct the already deep fractures in the Mountaineer donor community.  In fact, it might cause even more discord.

While Jones is still officially listed as a candidate for the head-coaching position, his candidacy is probably a few years too early.  A second interview should not be seen as a big step towards the hiring of Butch Jones.


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  1. John Doc Holliday is the only Choice Terry could not handle the pressure and quit 9 years ago Rich just did it to you. Doc left in 2000 when Rich was hired. Doc was in south Florida recruiting for the school when Rich and the Governor were wining and dining the Donors. Looks like the Governor screwed the team once again because Rich was his choice, but keep listening to him

  2. Besides the lack of punctuation, there are a couple problems with Saltman’s statement. Doc Holliday left at the end of the 1999 season, a year before Nehlen retired. Manchin was not Governor at that time. He was the Secretary of State – Elect in late Nov./early Dec. 2000. Cecil underwood was Governor when Rodriguez was hired, and Bob Wise was the Governor-Elect.

    “Half-asleep”…sounds like Eddie is running a very professional department.

    Butch Jones is the only candidate that flat out scares the crap out of me, with no redeeming qualities.

  3. Eddie doesn’t run things in the AD. Parsons is the guy behind the curtain.

  4. WVU interviews Illini coordinator; CMU’s Jones next – Sporting

    We need Mike Locksley or Bud Foster. Butch Jones is getting throttled by Purdue…

  5. I’m no AD and I’m glad. I’ve no clue who the best man for the job is. But I’m watching the Motor City Bowl, and Butch Jones’ team looks pretty good. Exciting offense. No defense to speak of. Sounds like the makings of a seamless transition. Still, he’s an unknown quantity.

  6. As For the punctuation, I am sorry for that. I just admit I am not as well versed in West Virginia politics as you, however Doc did resign in 2000 as I stated,. It was January 18, 2000, so yes it was after the 1999 season. You can check in the WV Daily Athenaeum archives. Politics did stop WVU from hiring Doc that all I was saying and politics is the reason Rich was hired. That political move did not work out for you. Don’t get me wrong it is good news for Florida, GO GATORS, but I would be a die had Mountaineer if DOC was at the helm.

  7. […] if you read WBGV, you’d know that, even despite the second interview (first official), Butch Jones had very little chance to becoming the next head-coach at West Virginia.  While we are still working to confirm the circumstances around his announcement, it seems clear […]

  8. Being a CMU student, I would be terribly disappointed should Jones be hired at WVU. He is a good coach and WVU is rightly considering him for the job. However, I feel it would be a terrible lack of character on his part to abandon CMU after only one year. Should he leave it would leave CMU looking for it’s third coach in three seasons while winning the conference championship twice under the last two, and going 1-1 in bowl appearances. Personally when Kelly left and Jones was hired I was initially skeptical and did not appreciate the change. CMU started off the season getting hung out to dry by Kansas. However, though there were some upsetting and embarrassing losses along the way, there were also some exciting victories and successes that finally made me and many others believers. Jones has gained the respect and confidence of many of the players who first disagreed with his methods. While I wish WVU nothing but the best I must protest Jones’s candidacy for the position and pray that he is not hired. It is also worth noting that Jones actually served as an assistant on CMU’s coaching staff under former coach Mike DeBord (U of M’s offensive coordinator) before joining Rodriguez in Morgantown. In fact, Jones helped recruit many players who were seniors and Juniors this year on our team.

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