Things That Made Me Want To Throw My Shoe


This past weekend I made the long boring journey from the low country of SC to the hills of Morgantown. While I was not able to watch a ton of the other college football action this weekend, I do have some insightful observations that will surely rattle a few cages.

The ACC is, top to bottom, the worst BCS conference in all the land. The Big East, however, is only slightly above them right now. So tread lightly my Big East brethren because with a couple slip ups next week the constant bashing you hear on sports talk radio will be aimed at us.

Congrats to the WVU students for showing up early but they really need to shut the fuck up. You are whiney, petulant little children. All the bullshit whimpering about the ticketing system and how it is the Maniacs fault some people did not get tickets through the lottery. You cannot bitch about having to wait for “on-demand” ticketing to get a student ticket and then leave at halftime. I have held back for a long time but the students need to have a section of seats taken away. What is that you say? Your section makes the most noise? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you from the parking lot.

Also, to the students that were not awarded tickets during the lottery and then bashed the Maniacs, SHUT UP. If you love Mountaineer football so damn much why not pay a few dollars next spring, get a free t-shirt, and be guaranteed seats next year. Once you are done with school you have to make a much larger donation to be guaranteed seats for the games. SHUT UP YOU FUCKING LITTLE BITCHES

I don’t know about anyone else but the atmosphere during the first half was electric and something I have not felt at Mountaineer Field in a long time. There was a buzz and no sense of impending doom. The fans around me were overly positive and complementary of Bill Stewart and his assistant coaches. While it will be almost impossible for this attitude to continue, I see no reason to worry from the Villanova performance. Sure the D had some holes but other than USC, every college team needs to improve in one area or another.

Hurricane Hanna blows. That reminds me one of my favorite pick-up lines. “ME: Let’s go back to my place and play Hurricane. Ho: How do you play that? Me: I try to remain stadning while you blow the hell out of me.” For me, however, there is a silver lining because I’m evacuating from Charleston, SC to Greenville, NC for the game. I hope everyone stays safe and don’t try to kite surf.


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  1. I’d have to agree about the Big East – I’m particularly disappointed in Rutgers, who seemingly didn’t know what to do with themselves on offense.

    I was not at the game, did the students bail early? Maybe we were better fans or maybe we were better at sneaking alcohol into games, but we enjoyed being there. Now there is a “frat row” for tailgaiting fraternities and sororities, so maybe they have more fun just partying in public…

  2. AMEN Brother!!!!

  3. Completely, 100% disagree about the students, ticketing, and Maniacs. However, we should get together and play hurricane sometime.

  4. I sat in section 128, row 10. The people around me were quiet.

  5. I liked the new intro… the crowd seemed into it.

  6. You are completely wrong about the Maniacs and the ticketing system. Your logic linking the people leaving at half-time with the rest of your argument is lacking. This entry failed and was the worst I have read on wbgv. If I wanted to read ridiculously illogical crap meant to “rattle” a cage and gain readership, I’d be reading the headlines at foxnews.

  7. “Charleston area code” why do you disagree? State some facts brotha.

    The students fill their section the first half and then are never heard from again. What is wrong with the Maniacs? Yeah, most of them aren’t really “Maniacs” but many of them have guaranteed seats for the rest of the games.

    The students are the loudest section, without a doubt. They are also the most likely to forget a football game has 4 quarters.

  8. I see a lot of bashing but no facts to support the bashing. That only means one thing…you know I am right.

    I do not understand your linking argument about my alleged linking. You can’t complain about not getting a ticket via the lottery and then get lucky enough to get one during on demand phase and then leave at halftime. You lose all credibility about the complaint. It is like not voting for president and then complaining about the result.

    I was a student during 3 different ticketing procedures. While the lottery has its flaws but it works pretty well to give everyone a fair shot at tickets.

    If you just joined Maniacs last spring you would have guaranteed seats. If you look at the student section in the second half the only section that is still packed is the Maniacs section. Bash away with some facts to support it.

    A fact is not, I’m a bigger Mountaineer fan than you.

  9. Your “facts” were things like: if you pay the Maniacs money you get a free t-shirt (TANTAAFL) and your own observation that students can’t complain about broken distribution if that broken distribution system sends tickets to students who won’t stay the entire game.

    My complaint with the Maniacs is that if you are going to establish “guaranteed seating” then for the love of christ, have the AD handle it and create more revenue for the AD, not some half-wit, useless student organization.

    This seriously is the worst entry on this site. Next time, think of something logical, funny or nude.

  10. 1. People who get lucky and get tickets for the first game have the upperhand for the rest of the games too. I know 7th years seniors who didn’t get a ticket to Nova while freshman did, and now the freshman are more likely to get tickets the rest of the year.

    2. The maniacs don’t follow procedures, but give favors to their friends but not others. (I have been a recipient of these favors). I shouldn’t have to pay more money on top of my athletic fee for a ticket. Also, the maniacs only have a certain amount of garaunteed tickets and so alot of people are paying for nothing. They are a favored student organization by the administration, which doesnt seem fair, and have tried to implement many ticketing systems (like the basketball seating fiasco) to only benefit themselves and resumes at the disadvantage of other students.

    3. The students dont travel to games, so they have an easier excuse to leave a blow out and go home and drink and watch better games than people that drove hours.

    4. The students are the reason for the university and game and derserve as many tickets as possible. The tickets aren’t free, everyone pays a big athletic fee.

    5. The student section is in the direct line of the sun, unlike the ticket holders who have shade. The student seating is first come first serve so they are in the game usually hours before kickoff and therefore longer than most ticket holders. And they stand the whole time. Between being drunker, hotter, and tirerder from standing than the average fan, living close by, and boring blowout games, they tend to leave early.

    6. In non-blowout games such as Pitt and Louisville last year, the students stay the whole time because the game is in doubt. Except for Louisville ’05 I don’t think students have left any game in any great number where the game was in doubt.

    7. The current ticket system leaves people out to dry becausee they dont know if they have a ticket unitl just 3 days before the game, sometimes too late to find a backup plan.

  11. Appologies all around for a non-funny, long comment. I promise never to be pulled into 5th year senior’s vortex of anger again.

  12. The Maniacs offered to have the athletic department handle the funds as a “Pre-MAC” type of deal but they said no thanks.

    7th year seniors who have never missed a game still have a better shot at tickets than freshman, carry over points. What if that freshman got to the ticket office 5 seconds ahead of you and got the last ticket that way. Is that fair? I doubt you would think so.

    The sun is out for one maybe two games. What about when it is freezing cold? What excuse do the students have during those games for leaving at halftime? It is the same temp. for everyone during those games.

    I have no clue what double u is talking about. Let me try one more time to clarify my point.

    I read on message boards and in the DA all week about students who didn’t get tickets via the lottery. Some of those people then got tickets during on-demand ticketing. I know some of those same students left the game at halftime never to return. If you are one of those people stop complaining because you don’t really care.

    I was a student not to long ago and was embarrassed to see empty seats after halftime of every game.

    If you are so concerned about AD funding why not take away one section of students seats and sell those to use rich people who sit on our hands.

    Wow, that was bad but I’m going to post it anyway. I’m already drunk on Yuengling. WHEW

  13. 1. You complain that students leave the game early.
    2. You say that better fans would not leave the game early.
    3. The lottery system chooses what fans go to the game.
    4. You think the lottery system is fine.

    If you don’t see the flaw in that, I can’t help you.

    1. The Maniacs are a student organization.
    2. The Maniacs charge for guaranteed seating at Mountaineer Field.
    3. The AD runs Mountaineer Field.
    4. The AD complains about a lack of funding and cuts programs as a result.
    5. The AD doesn’t profit from the Maniacs’ scheme.
    6. The Maniacs profit from Mountaineer sports without adding any benifit.

    If you can’t see the stupidity in that, I can’t help you.

  14. Awww, your poor, poor kids. The sun is vewy hot on your heads.
    The problem here is that drinking is more important to you than Mountaineer Football. Argue about intricacies of ticketing all you want, the fact of the matter is the student section empties out for the second half and its lame.

  15. I love 5th Year Senior like abercrombie loves fitch, but I can’t agree with the Fan Police post. And for my two cents, the Maniacs are a corrupt organization on the scale of 1930’s Chicago politics. You get a ticket because you’re a student, not because you join some independent club. You don’t have to join the gay and lesbian club (not that there’s anything wrong with that) in order to get a ticket to a soccer game.


    1. Your assumption that students would stay if the lottery did not exist is illogical. Students would leave early no matter what ticketing procedure was in place.
    2. My anger is directed towards those that complained about not getting tickets through the lottery, then got tickets during “on-demand” and then left at halftime. You lose your right to complain if you leave at halftime.
    3. The Maniacs don’t make a “profit.”
    4. Both the Mountaineer Athletic Club and the Athletic Department have said NO to directly controlling the Maniacs.
    5. Did a member of the Maniacs shank you at some point in your life because you hate them a whole lot. Will you hate the MAC when you are an alumni? At least with Maniacs you get a T-shirt.

  17. 1. I never said they all would stay. I suspect a better ticket system would bring in better fans. I personally think one solution is that students should have to get their tickets scanned on the way out and loyalty points added or deducted for when they leave the game.
    2. That’s your opinion, I think the system can be greatly refined and that anyone should be able to complain about it.
    3. Then they’re idiots who waste money.
    4. Then they’re idiots who waste money.
    5. I am an alumni who hates the MAC (but for reasons other than this). I don’t hate the Maniacs (although I hold them on the same level as all the other student organizations at WVU), I hate the AD who is too stupid to realize that they are throwing away money by not charging the Maniacs for their seat monopoly.
    6. I think I rattled your cage as much as the guy pulling out of McDonalds, this made my day.

  18. not to get in the middle of this catfight but i have to add my two cents. as a student, i would prefer the ticketing system to go back to the way it was when i started here. people who really wanted to go got up early and waited in line to get a ticket. i don’t see what was so bad about that. sometimes simplicity is best. as for taking out a section from student seating, that is ridiculous. you had your time as a student in the student section and current students deserve the same, regardless of if they want to f up and leave early. also, students who didn’t get a ticket do need to kindly stfu about it. we are lucky enough to be at WVU when they have become a perennial powerhouse and if that means not all of us get a ticket, that’s ok with me.

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