Fire Steve Kragthorpe

When you Google “Fire Steve Kragthorpe”, WBGV is the 6th 2nd-highest ranking site. I don’t know why, but this really excites me.

Now he’s still pretty new, but The Krag is well on his way to earning “Save Dave” status. I am wet with anticipation.


2 Responses

  1. Big God…. Let me be the first from Louisville to Jump on the Fire Krag bandwagon…. Hell, I might even cheer for old WvA when I come to town….(not really) But Hell,How can you put defensive linemen out on the field who can’t tackle, who can’t rush and who are pushed off the ball 95% of the time…
    “The fault is the coach who told them how good they were in spring practice and who let them eat those Ky Hot Brown’s till their ass got so big they tire after 2 plays…

    Well All I can hope for is that we make it a game when we come into town on Nov 8th…

    Well see you all then… GoCardsLou!

    The one with the fire coach “k” sign in your stands!

  2. man I hear you. Steve “tubby” Kragthorpe has made some really dumb coaching decisions, some real head scatchers. My wife just started watching football a couple of years ago, and she’s out coaching him from our living room! I’ll admit the officals really broke it off in us against UCONN, but that Utah game was absolutey pathetic. I just hope our recruiting does’nt take a hit, and the recent success of UK is’nt helping matters. I’m sure a lot of cards fans would like to see Petrino back on the sidelines, and Petrino would like to be back. I wish Jurich would have went after a big name like Cohwer, like he roped in Pitino. 11 days and counting ’till b-ball!

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